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Hey guys I’m working on completing true master sets from different eras which include every variation of every card. I’ve asked this question before sometime back but with no responses so I thought I’d try again. I’ve since done more research. Here is what I have.

There are a few cards that have a variation called “water web exclusive”. For example take the XY Base set. In this set there exists two versions of Blastoise EX(1)- 29/146 BlastoiseEX Water Rare Holo ex
(2)- 29/146 BlastoiseEX Water Water Web Holo Blastoise-EX Tin exclusive

I own the (1) and I own multiple duplicates but cannot distinguish a difference between any of them so I’m assuming they are all card(1). I’ve watched a youtube video of someone opening up the Walmart Blastoise tin but couldn’t tell a difference in the video between the card I own and the card shown. TrollandToad who is usually pretty good about correctly labeling different variations of cards does not have two versions of the 29/146 Blastoise EX. I’ve also searched ebay for differences but with no success. Bulbapedia however does make a distinction between the cards. In a separate article, Bulbapedia has the following definition for “Water web holo”, “Starting from Sun & Moon, the holofoil pattern is called “Water-Web Holofoil”. These cards refract light in a wave-like pattern in all releases. However, only the Japanese releases cover the border with the pattern.” This Blastoise EX card however is from the XY era so the water web release would have been unique to the time.

Currently, I have a blank space in my binder which is really getting at the OCD part of me :rage: . I’d like to rearrange the cards to eliminate the blank spot if the card doesn’t exist or I’d like to at least know what it is that I’m looking for. Did bulbapedia make an error?
50 billion points to the person who can answer this. + 25 billion points if you can provide pictures.

Not sure when the last time it was that you looked on the XY Bulbapedia page, but apparently it only mentions a single Blastoise EX Water Web Holo Tin Exclusive right now at the Additional Cards section of the XY page. Bulbapedia is a wiki, so everyone can edit it (and I’ve edited quite a few pages myself).

In this case however, how did you look at the page? Because the 29/146 BlastoiseEX Water Rare Holo ex sounds more like the row of the Blastoise in the set list itself, which has the following code behind:

{{Setlist/entry|29/146|[[Blastoise-EX (XY 29)|Blastoise]]{{EX}}|Water||Rare Holo ex|}}
In this case the Water is the energy symbol in the list, not the Water Web Holo variations…
I also can’t find anything in the history about the (1) you mentioned at the Additional Cards section of the XY page… :confounded:

Anyway, since there is only a single one left on the Bulbapedia page, I guess you can ease your OCD by removing the blank space. :blush:


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@quuador ,- Thanks for the info. Help me to understand though the bulbapedia page. The cards in the top portion say “additional cards”…and then there is a list of like 20+ additional variations of cards that are in the set…which I have all of them and know they exist. The exception being the:
"29/146 BlastoiseEX Water Water Web Holo Blastoise-EX Tin exclusive "

below this list is the normal set list in English and Japanese. Within that list there is also listed, “29/146 BlastoiseEX Water Rare Holo ex”.

I was under the assumption that these are in fact different cards. I’ve used Bulbapedia to help me complete true master sets in the past with little problem. This card just stumped me because I can’t visually see a difference nor is it listed. Is @djgigabyte correct then?

I really appreciate both of your feedback. I know it’s an uninteresting and small detail but it’s been driving me crazy. :confounded:

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Wow! That is so much appreciated. Thank you!

@djgigabyte Oh, didn’t knew about this variant. Thanks for the video though. Makes it very clear! Always nice to learn something new about our hobby. :blush: