collection additions as of 1/15

Error Pop5 holo mew
corrected Pop5 holo mew
bunch of random Mews
german Mew Pop 5
german Mew star

i also obtained a bunch of promos
including 4x loudred Regionals one from 2006 season
anyone wants?
ill cyl etc

i just want more NP40 ones, the artwork is just too sexy… :heart_eyes:

I really have to ask… seriously, what’s up with the Mew love (I need to know!!!)

I admire that your are going for mew cards I am trying to the same but with lugia

dogma, my #1 fave pokemon is mew, thats why!!!

LOL, I got that much. Just wondering why. I find it curious that so many people love Mew so much

surprise, its my favorite one too :grin:
why? dunno…maybe it has something to do with the beginnings of pokemon/when the red and blue games came out and we as lets say 11year old boys played them 24h a day and knew about every pokemon and attack etc etc and “then” found out that there is a 151th pokemon :tada:
i was like “OMG i have to get it” and then all the rumors popped up where not a single one worked :grin:
i think in this way, mew is still something special in the world of pokemon…i have a mew collection too, i will upload some photos later

haha I am on the same page. Mewtwo is my favorite since he was a beast in blue version, I had three of them because of a trading glitch. But I remember winning some mew drawing at toys r us and some staff from nintendo would put mew on your gameboy and I thought that was one of the collest things ever, until I found out about action replay and was like oh anyone can do this :blush:

But having the original 150 for awhile and then finding out about 151 mew was one of the best feelings, so I definitely understand why mew gets massive attention.