Simon's Collection

Hi guys, i started my collection in 2000 in Italy, the initial idea was to close the pokedex (only the first 251 not promo or japanese Pokémon cards), then in 2002 with the first non promo mew (Expedition set), i closed the collection and bought only sporadically some boosters. But the passion for Pokémon cards never over, and always looking for a card that attracts me once, until in 2014 found the complete set of the Southern Islands, and decided to return just to collect the promos cards. Since then i have tried to complete the set wizards black stars (now i live in Brazil, so it’s been difficult to find some, but keep looking), recovering something older Japanese promo cards, and now in 2016 also started with the wonderful Full Arts, and of course, i’m watching how everyone in the new expansion Evolutions. Although not a large or rare collection, hope you enjoy.


Very beautiful collection.
Love how their is many cards from different sets.

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Thanks!! Initially i chose the firsts who left in their sets, then i started to choose by the artwork, i love the Sugimori’s arts! :grin:


Non shadowless 1st edition pidgeotto? that’s not right, is it?! Lol

edit; nvm just saw non english lol durr

looks awesome, might have to build me a folder like yours

Awesome collection man! :blush: So you live in Brazil? Around where if I can ask? I wonder how is the Pokemon card market there and where to find new sealed stuff in Portuguese? Do markets sell cards?

Thanks guys!

@pokematt yep, it’s Italian.

Well, we use a site like ebay, called There are specialized sites, but i don’t know are sent outside Brazil, anyway, in mercadolivre you can find any product pokémon tcg sealed, whit the best prices.

New update, 6y later… 3 new BIG cards in my collection! lately my focus is on shinings and mew cards, love them!


Nice adds, I love the mew and gold stars are always iconic

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What a way to make a comeback after 6 years. I can’t think of many better ways. Congrats

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Thanks guys! Im very happy! :grin:

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