Cleffa - Neo Genesis - Why it is worth so much?

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Figured I would start with this.

I always wondered why this card is so much more expensive than the other non holo rares?
The art is very nice, is that the only reason or is there something I am missing?

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No retreat cost + 50% chance of surviving knockout + draw 7 cards for 1 energy = very playable support card

Here’s an example of a deck that used it

I can’t give the exact reason it’s expensive (too many played copies? Older players hoarding them? People buying them for legacy format?) but it’s probably connected to its playability


Okay, thanks. Never really been involved or kept up with the competitive side of the TCG.
I wouldn’t think this was in demand that much for competitive play.
Is there still a lot of players that prefer to play with the WOTC era of cards. Are there competitions where players are allowed to use the WOTC era?

There are not many people who play with these old cards today and it’s not an officially supported format. But you need 4 for a deck and these cards aren’t as available as they were in 2000. A tiny spike in demand can have a visible effect on prices. There may be other things affecting the price but I know I’ve heard people talk about this card’s playable potential so I can help but imagine that drives the price at least a little bit.

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@pkmnflyingmaster, Thanks mate :blush:

It is literally the most overpowered card from the Wotc era. If playing old formats ever became a popular thing in Pokemon, this card would become extremely valuable.

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It’s people hoarding them for building old format decks.

It’s a very playable card, and pretty much all decks played 4 copies. Then add to that it was played in multiple formats and the supply starts to decrease a lot faster than other cards in the set.

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Appreciate all your responses. Thanks guys. :blush:

This guy, sneasel, rockets zapdos was a deck i played with great success at leauge in the early 2000’s

Worth noting that playable meant devastating unavailability in the past. Everything playable now has a million copies but that wasn’t the case back in the day. This is older than Rockets Admin but that card vanished from the market with just a slight uptick in popularity of the vintage format it’s played in.

Today, playable means a mint copy just has to be bought elsewhere.

Back then, playable means there are no mint copies.

Base-Neo is still a format played today. I have a friend who always picks these up when he finds them in shops, to add to his decks.

It’s kawaii af