Cleaning the Holo of a Base set card????

If there is already a thread made about this forgive me. Basically I have a shadowless Charizard that’s borderline flawless. BUT there is a fingerprint on the holo, and I’m really too nervous to do anything about it. (Was there when I bought it) Anybody out there with experience??

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Lens cleaning tissue. If you need a little dampness use the slightest mist of lens cleaner on the tissue just so it’s slightly damp to clean off finger print.

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yeah I was thinking the lens cloth! Great idea with the lens fluid as well. I’ll try without first. And if I need it I’ll give it a go.

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Share how it turns out…

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A little 180 sandpaper should do it.


Do I need to tell you the best way :smirk::smirk:


Nothing you can do… The holo is metal (it’s 99% aluminum). What happens is that the salt from your sweat on your fingers corrodes the metal. The holographic surface is permanently etched and oxidized.

I know this because I’ve tried. I would not suggest attempting to remove it. A few printings of base set had what you might call “soft paint”, like what you might have on a car. Espectially Shadowless & 1st ed. By doing so you risk damaging the cards potentially delicate surface.

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Im not sure how to answer this question. Lol

It’s because last time jakew1992 suggested to use sandpaper…someone actually did it.


good luck! i would be shitting my pants if i had to clean such a beautiful card lol

Dont touch the card, leave it as it is.

normal tiny fingerprints shouldn’t be too much of a concern, as long as it’s not too greasy or heavy.

cards meant to be touch end of the day by fingers, but i guess some people use their greasy fingers more roughly sometimes.

Just try to wipe with a normal tissue first, and be gentle. you can use a regular wet wipe as well, but nothing too heavily drenched, or with heavy detergents. Wipe it a little, then use a tissue to dry fast straight after, so the wetness doesn’t damage the card.

Then yeah, if you want to take it further, after your done wiping it down, you can wrap the card in a tissue or a scented tissue to get rid of smoke smell afterwards for a while.

Acetone, it will clean that card right up!!!

(Please dont actually use acetone, unless you want a completely blank and destroyed card.DO NOT USE ACETONE, TWAS A JOKE)

On a serious note, I cannot give any advise, especially due to the card you want to clean. Ideally you never want to touch or try clean/tamper with a card. Maybe a very fine cloth non woven? Like when cleaning coins…which is the same kind of issue, avoid cleaning coins but if it is really really necessary a soft unwoven cloth would work(non woven to avoid scratching)…good luck… I hope it all works out for you

EDIT: okayy… so I didn’t read the post thoroughly enough . I just went into great detail about my Q-tip method but deleted it as I don’t want you to potentially damage your babyZ Definitely just leave the shadowless Zard alone. Don’t risk making a mess of it and making it worse. Always more fire lizards out there my friend!