Cheapest tracked shipping method from USA to EU

Hello, what is the name of the cheapest shipping method tracked from the United States to Europe?
I only had one shipping experience from USA, the seller only shipped one PSA slab, paid around $30, used a service called “International Priority Airmail” the tracking only worked in the US part then nothing. It’s ok for me.
Of course if you know the cheapest shipping method tracked that work in the entire journey it’s ok as well.
I think there is definitely a cheaper shipping method. In my country the cheapest tracked shipping method for a PSA SLAB costs less than $16 and we all know that all prices in Europe are the highest, so I definitely think there is a cheaper method in the US. Thank you!


I have added two weights for a better example :
1 ounce
3 ounces

Country destination :


eBay international shipping costs anywhere between $13-$20 depending on the country. This includes tracking. Note this is for anything between 1-4 ounces. It gets more expensive with weight.

Unfortunately it’s for card not purchased from Ebay

Typically it should cost around $15-$20 to ship first class international package up to 8 oz (1/2 pound). Different countries have different rates from the USA.

Added weight and country in way you can help me find a better solution!

First-Class Package International Service would cost $16.15. This is the cheapest way to ship a package, and includes full tracking the entire way. A letter would cost $1.30 if under 1 oz and not rigid, like sending a couple of cards in a card saver 1.
Ebay may have a slightly cheaper solution with ebay international, but probably not much.

Is there any Option that tracked just half journey like Internation Priority Airmail but that cost less?

I am not aware of any. I typed in Germany and USPS gave me all their options for a package. This was the only cheap one. The rest are $30 to $80. I used USPS postage calculator

What is the difference between “Certificate of mailing” and not? Thank you

Certification of Mailing is solely a receipt stating you mailed a letter, think of it as a receipt with no tracking. Return receipt is just what it sounds like, you’ll receive a notice in the mail if/when your letter is delivered. Those are if you’re mailing a letter, not a bubble mailer or any type of package. As stated above, $14-16 for a 4 oz or less package is as cheap as you’re going to get.

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