Charmander Snap For Sale! (Not Auction)

First time for me seeing one for sale :open_mouth:

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Is this the one PSA would not grade?

Wow, LC is doing a great job so far. Read all of the articles there, there’s even a PSA8 trophy Kang and a PSA10 4th print zard. Amazing

Yes it is

How does purchasing through Ludkins work? I might be interested in the Kangaskhan but not sure + the seller has 0% feedback.

Yes, the seller barney8919 is Barney Ludkins, so it is like he already has a 100% feedback :blush:

For your information, all sellers are by invite only and have to match/pass criteria to sell.
Everything is explained here:
So it will be a very safe place to buy!

Barney Ludkins is really doing a very good job!

Shame there’s no photo of the back. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Ahh okay, thanks for the information on it! Do you know if international shipping is offered and if you can use a bank card instead of paypal? (without me doing much research into this, you seem knowledgeable enough on how the site works) :stuck_out_tongue:

You dont see this much :open_mouth:

I just realised a better question for me to ask - is there a way I can contact barney directly? I’d like to inquire about the Kangaskhan :blush:

Try sending him an fb message. He is very responsive

You can contact sellers by private message directly on the website :wink:

(but it is too late for the kangashkan, I already purchased it… I still can not believe that I will finally have this card in my collection, what a great day!)


Yeh fb is probably the easiest way!

burst my bubble pretty hard there, hey? :sob:
Enjoy the Khan :wink:

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There is, on his article though.

The card is in played condition, I estimate PSA 4-5.

Why did PSA reject this and not the Poliwag?

If I recall the charmander lacks the writing on the bottom in the photo in the booklet which helped then authenticate it.


it also probably won’t be graded by PSA any time in the near future which is a shame.

Something like that


There are two large differences between what the documentation says about the Snap Squirtle, Snap Charmander and Snap Articuno and what the cards actually have.

The documentation suggests those three cards have rarity symbols and are missing the CoroCoro text on the bottom border.

But like all other 7 Snap promos, they lack rarity symbols and do have that text. That documentation, which is uploaded onto Bulbapedia (which is apparently what PSA are using as a resource - facepalm) is wrong, and so far there isn’t anything that contradicts is. Maybe @shizzlemetimbers might have more info though?