Charizard Trophy? in the UK


I am dying of envy.


Who just comes across that? What a find! Must have been amazing to run into it.

This is most likely Clive’s/greylight’s trophy. I am not sure if grey light uk still has it listed but that price mentioned in the livejournal is the exact same.

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Strange… I was 100% sure it was made out of bronze… that’s what I was told by someone who had another one of those trophies

I wonder if it’s the real deal. Very cool though! I would love to own one of those!!!

Is it seriously the only one given out to the public?

That is an incredible find regardless.

Pretty badass, I love it. I just wonder, if I put that in my room what my girlfriend would think…

Also what is it worth ?

Yes the GF factor or wife for others (and vice versa). Luckily for me I don’t have very many large trophy or cards exposed. I keep a separate work/media room for the cards.

As far as the price goes the article mentioned the seller wanting 13,500 Pounds which is close to 22,275. From what they said it seems like they purchased this from when it was first given out. So there seems to be very little history on it’s sold/purchase history. I’m sure some of the more experienced people might know more about it.

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I dont think anyone would pay close to that price tag, especially since it is made of resin. If it was solid bronze the value could be much higher since bronze is a pretty expensive material to build a sculpture.
I’m a bit disappointed to be honest since I used to collect Disney bronze sculptures (solid).

The new ones from the charizard mega battle 2014 don’t look like resin, do they?

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Awesome trophy! I prefer the “old” version than the newest Charizard Mega Battle.