Arsham Bronze Charizard Sculpture

I know a lot of Pokémon collectors aren’t fans of Daniel Arsham’s artwork, but man, this thing took my breath away. :fire:


It’s bronze = I love it.

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Mom, can we get Lizardon Mega Battle trophy?
No, we have LMB trophy at home


I still cant get over his sculpture of a base set 2 card with a first edition stamp.


The white gloves really do complete this picture.

I really like this one as it also doesn’t have the typical green bronze look of arshams previous works.

Super cool piece, but not 5-10k cool.


It looks a lot nicer than the chalky looking statues


The card is still my favorite. Overall not too crazy about the statue, but just happy Pokemon is getting love in the art world. :heart:


I noticed that, how bizarre. That statue is absolutely gorgeous though, I’d totally get one for the office if it was a reasonable price. Imagine having one of those like knee-high sized in your storefront/office/den sitting on a podium like a faberge egg.



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Man. 9500.00 :moneybag:

flippers are already listing it on eBay for 15k.

The price seems absurd to me. Is bronze really that expensive? I would have been down to pay 2-3 hundred for a statue like that.

9.5k can go a long way in this hobby, all I’m sayin lol

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No, this without the Arsham/Charizard premium would be around $700-$1000 tops, and that is not due to the cost of the bronze itself.

$1000 would make a lot more sense to me but I personally wouldn’t be buying it even at that price. I’ll be interested to see who buys them.

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Agreed. I’d consider paying $700 before tax and shipping, not a cent more.

I’m not particularly impressed with the finishing on the tail or the wing joints but the patina is beautifully done. All in all a lovely display piece.


The price is because it’s artwork. Arsham is a pretty big name. He works with Porsche, the cavaliers, Tiffany’s etc. it’s going to be art collectors with an interest in Pokémon who buy this.

Kind of weird considering it’s essentially a 3D render of a Ken Sugimori illustration

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This is the price point I’d be interested in at as well. Not that $10k isn’t fair for art or anything like that, it’s just a bit much for a relatively small statue.

I’ll wait for the Aliexpress version :upside_down_face: