Charizard fake or not?

Hi all,

Somebody is offering me about 50 Charizards 4/102. Major red flag due to the number of cards he is offering, but: I once met a guy on a Pokemon event who owned more than 100 of them.
I asked for photos and recieved a few. I think the second photo gives it away: the glance in the corner is fake. But, as I am only an amateur. Can anybody have a look? Wondering what else would tell it’s a fake.


When you say “Glance” do you mean the ripples in the holofoil? I’ve seen similar effects due to humidity. My gut says it’s real but I would wait on other folks to give their take since I admittedly don’t stare at Charizards much. XD

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They mean glare I think. Card is real I would agree, I don’t see anything off about it. Real cards reflect light as well, and this type of reflection from matte cardboard doesn’t seem peculiar to me. Doesn’t mean you should throw caution to the wind though OP.


Definitely real, but I would be cautious on assuming that all 50 copies will be real. My recommendation would be to bring an authentic copy to compare the others to.

Most fakes are easily discernible when handled in person. It’s the pictures that can make them look shockingly similar.

Always look for the black core layer on the edge of the card. Fakes will not have one.


Thanks all! I am not looking to buy them all, but a few seem to be a good investment.

yeah get it checked and then go from their :slight_smile:

I can’t tell but it looks real the only thing I have to say is does it have the black line

I once had about 60 base zards of all different conditions. I started collecting in high school when they were sub $20, and it helped fund grad school, so definitely not sus if someone has a whole bunch of cards, and maybe just wants to off-load.
But always be critical of the cards, person, and situation.