Chansey Base Set Holo Shift Error [New Update]

Hello, I acquired this Chansey today and wanted to share :blush: I’ve seen holo shift error on Jungle and Fossil cards, but never Unlimited before! This is extra cool to me because you can make out the background, it’s not just all white but does have some design aspects as well.


My brother would be very jealous! Sick card :blush:

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Congrats on actually getting it! Does this mean it arrived in the mail already? It’d be cool to see more pictures, I’m really curious about it.

Yes, it’s in my possession, I have more pictures on my Instagram also called Qwachansey

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Really cool find! Are you going to get it graded or keep it raw?

Probably going to get Authentic grade for preservation purposes


Wow, interesting error!

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You’ve heard of The Charizard Authority, well you’re the Chansey Authority.


Nice, where’d you find it?

Oh nice you ended up convincing that guy to sell the card. Very cool pick up!

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That is a really cool find @qwachansey congrats! I really like how you can see the outline at the top of the shifted holo, which reminds me of the @pkmnflyingmaster video where he explains how the cards are made and pretty sure mentions how an error like this can occur.


Appropriate username for this thread


Man that is a sweet card! Congrats :grin:

just looking at this card gave me an out of body experience

So cool! I love it! I want a holo shift card so bad.

That is a legit cool error. I was expecting one of those “Rare Holo Bleed” errors that hardly look any different. gratz.

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Chansey has finished her time at CGC and will be sent back to me shortly via Ludkins. In the mean time here are the scans provided, I’m thrilled :grin:


So sick. Congrats!


Sick error man! Nice to see you tried out good old CGC. Hopefully no one attempts to bash it with their distasteful lame insults. “Omg but it’s blue!”


I am very excited to announce my Chansey has taken on an apprentice. This youngling is in the mail. She still needs to master the art of levitation but shows excellent natural instinct.