CGC to PSA regrades


I cracked multiple cards that I had graded with CGC and sent them to PSA when they opened up the $30 dollar grading tier a couple of months ago. These cards were graded with CGC before their notable change in leniency for their card grades. The cards are in Assembly with PSA now, so I don’t have scans or certs for you to lookup but here is a photo for reference.

The 2 CGC labels on the left changed over to PSA 9, and the 4 on the right changed over to PSA 10. (I fully expected the 9.5 Rayquaza Vmax to go to a 10 so there is no surprise or thing to really note with that one).


Is CGC too harsh?
Is PSA too lenient?
Are the grading scales too different?
Are grading companies a complete gamble?



How did you manage to get the new grades while the cards are in assembly?

Individuals cleverer than me have figured out ways to access the information during the Assembly phase. I have no idea how, or any of the details. I just use people for their hardwork to satisfy my impatience.

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If you use the PSA set registry app you can use the “what if” function to find grades for certs that match sets you’ve created a registry for. Just a note that these grades aren’t final and I have had them change (just had a PSA 10 1st edition Chaos Emperor Dragon downgraded to an 8. :smiling_face_with_tear:)


I don’t know because I been with CGC for like one year and already want to go to PSA.
I had CGC 10 but the cards look 9 at best. Other times I know I got a CGC 9.5 or 10 and get an 8. I feel like leaving because i send out a bulk of Tropical Winds and They damaged 4 of them. The cards weren’t mine it was from a buddy who been collecting. We wished we took psa over cgc.

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Dang, sorry to hear that. Always unfortunate to see things like this happen

I’ve heard the same happening at PSA as well though. I’ve also had a semi-recent submission with a card I’m fairly certain was damaged by PSA. I looked over the card pretty carefully and when it came back, it had a long and very noticeable scratch on the back