Celebrity endorsement on pokemon cards

Just had a shower thought yesterday, thinking, imagine if a celebrity like Kim K or Drake posted a pic on their instagram with a base set charizard saying how great they are, the memories , the nostalgia etc.

I think a simple post by someone this influential amongst the teeny boppers and materialistic people out there would create a huge spike in prices (whist also increasing awareness of the hobby) so much so it would probably be worth while for Gary to slide Drake 50k to make such a post XD

Thoughts? eCan you see something like this actually happening?

Im surprised drake or the likes dont invest a milly or two in pokemon then hype it up. Kind of waiting for something like that to happen

I don‘t think they need pokemon cards to make money lol


Gary wants Charizard prices to go down so he can buy more.


Yup, free money

I mean, technically, no multi-millionaires need to make any investments to make money.

Do you think LeBron James really needed to invest in Blaze Pizza in order to make money?

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not saying Drake or any celebrities give a crap about Pokemon cards, but people like him can never earn another dime for the rest of their lives and they would still be set. That doesn’t stop them from making investments, though.

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Thanks for your opinion, I disagree with this statement.

Artists like drake, kanye etc… have a lot of fans in 20-30s who would have been around during pokemon cards coming out but aren’t aware of their secondary market these days. Yes they are aware of cards but i don’t think they’re aware of base zards in psa 10 going for 1.5k and 1st eds hitting 40k.

If drake did a post with a base psa 10 zard saying: “The real love of my life, can’t believe these are still treasured today, only 1.5k time to stack 'em all”, the post would gain mainstream world wide media attention and hit newspapers and online publication sites world wide. This would create hype and awareness and get ore people buying, including other celebrities maybe dipping their toes in the water.

Do not undermine the influence and chain of events that could occur under such a scenario.


Kendall Jenner was paid $250,000 to post that orange square for fyre festival.

We can just crowdfund another $250,000 so she can post a charizard, ez. #firefestival


This :100:

Lets assume that 0.05% of drakes reach gets back into pokemon. Thats an arbitrary low number percentage. If his reach is 30 million or however many followers he has already, thats still thousands of new collectors able to drive up the price of pokemon items. A celebrity endorsement would have a large effect.


It wouldn’t do that much to the high-end side of Pokemon but it would get the average person engaged buying modern product or picking up cheap wotc set cards.

Please no. We already have enough hypebeasts in this hobby


How certain are you on this.

I need it.


I have no idea who kimk and drake are but I’d recommend not promoting 1st Base Charizards. I would choose you, Pikachu.

They are nobodies compared to you, THE KING.

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If you could convince them to take a large investment position in the cards. Then they will promote for free to get their investment to increase.

The market cap for pokemon is small enough for that to be feasible. And it would a small amount of money for a celeb.

Rudy does it in magic. And he doesn’t have a massive following.

I hadn’t thought of this from a celeb standpoint. Fascinating !!

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