Hello, I’ll be posting my collection here. Hopefully my image will link up… This is Pokemon green version, limited edition (sticker color), this came in a black limited edition box.
What’s the value of a uncut Fossil sheet, off center holofoil/ink? Right of wing you can see the color run past the outline of the character. Also you can see the holofoil inside the outline of the character. The entire sheet was printed this way.

Oh cool, I definitely have an appreciation of this thread. My favorite things to collect are uncut card panels, and retro video games. :laughing:

The Gameboy cartridge is intriguing, the sticker almost looks like a copy, but it could be the lighting that’s throwing me off, and I would need to see the back of the cart also.

Do you know how many we’re produced in the black box ?

Are you going to frame the sheet ? I think they look beast framed.

The gameboy picture was taken with the flash on. Came from my friend who lived in Japan as a kid. He pre-ordered this version. He said when he got his he noticed they ran out of the limited edition green version and they started handing out the normal version. I do not have the original box. The same guy has another pre-order factory sealed in the box. This has been confirmed from Nintendo employees as being real. The count would be very low. To my knowledge this is the rarest Pokemon gameboy game made. I will post a picture of the back later. Has a sticker, on the back, in Japanese of the months and has a mark on the month it was sold.

If anyone’s going to be looking for a PSA 10 legendary bird promotion card in the future… I may get one or 2 to make it to 10 :wink:

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Since you like that gameboy game you might appreciate this misprint. The game was misprinted with offcenter color. You can easily see this if you look at the E for everyone symbol.

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Haha holy cow! That’s a ton of movie promos!

On a serious note though how often to pack fresh cards get a 10? Always? Or do they sometimes get a 9?

If they judge against krimped edges (wear from pack). If this is a yes I’d say only 1/2-2/3 of them would make it to ten. If they would open them themselves they should be 10. Too bad they won’t open my packs for me.

Hmm interesting. I’ve noticed with some recent english cards I’ve opened that a lot of the cards coming fresh out of the pack and being carefully removed by me have little white spots or imperfections on the corners/edges. I’m surprised how many new cards are not perfect. I’m just not sure how perfect it needs to be to get a 10 you know what I mean?

There can be a valid reason why you would open new packs and cards come out played. There are companies now who all they do is reseal packages and playing card packs. I bought a real deal first edition pack, unlimited cards inside. Contacted eBay went as far as getting a second opinion after my case was turned down. Go figure they have no idea specifics of Pokemon. This was not the unlimited first edition pack this was the real pack. What someone did was buy a opened real first edition pack off eBay, that wasn’t ripped/cut. The then sent out that open package and 11 unlimited cards to one of these companies. I do not trust any sealed packs or boxes now. In other words if I wanted to I could send in a first edition pack and 11 random not Pokemon cards that are cheap. Once it’s sealed you would only know if it’s open. Ebays problem is when it’s open it’s not able to qualify for buyer protection. Hope this helps others in the future.

Here is how you should buy sealed packs on eBay. Atleast packs your paying over 50 for. Have the seller list the pack in a custom listing with you ebay name, this doubles your chances of getting a second opinion from eBay, after the case is turned Down/closed by customer support. This is basically so you can show you had contact from the seller before a purchase was made. If you are buying a first edition base pack, ask before and after the sell if there are base first edition cards in the pack. My problem was I asked this question and had the response of yes (meaning I should have won my case). If you have eBay you will notice messages will disappear after time. My message asking about the cards inside was asked before a purchase. I wasn’t going to open them at first but, I opened them weeks later. My message disappeared from my message inbox within this time. I am 100% sure if I asked that Vidal question after the purchase, I would have won the first case. Messages on eBay are taken into account after a case is made.
Say I want to buy a pot with no handle on eBay. I ask the seller to include the handle. He agreed, I received the item with no handle. So I make a case on eBay. I would loose. The reason being the cases are based of item description in the listing, Not messages. Only through a second amendment can they go farther and scrutinize messages.
Another way to protect you is to have the buyer update the listing to include EXACTLY what you request.

Hmm wow interesting thats scary they can do such believable re-seals. Mine I know we’re legit because they were from a local reputable card shop. I haven’t gotten any in played condition. About half are flawless and the others have teeny tiny minor flaws I notice because I’m practically OCD with my cards. I d probably make a tough PSA grader now that I think about it. Thanks for all the tips for buying packs/boxes online. I’ll remember that

Who told you they wouldn’t open a legendary birds pack? Did you submit them and they returned them unopened??? I know you didn’t call and ask cause all CS agents know they open seals that only have one specific card that’s properly listed on the sub form.

Whether you opened it or them though wouldn’t affect the percentage of 8s or 9s. In fact it would be silly for you not to open them cause then you could properly examine and pregrade them and discard the lesser quality ones…

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Really?! I called PSA and Beckett. They both said they will not accept packages unopened. I could of just had bad luck and got new employees. Thanks for that very useful information! You’re probably right about open them myself and leave the lower grade cards with me. I may see if I could get a hundred or so graded in the original package. I have not seen one of these graded, in the original package personally.

They do accept packages unopened
$15 on eBay. Who needs to grade them when you can buy stuff this cheap. Example $1 free shipping on grade 10 Beckett promo card. How do people grade thousands of the same card and sell this low?

Its because its bccg instead of bgs. Bgs is the full blown grading that gives you results of a similar caliber to PSA. Whereas bccg is a bulk grading service that’s not a stringent from what I understand. Nonetheless its still cool to get a mint card and the difference in price might be worth it for some.


I don’t understand it fully but I know that BCCG doesn’t hold as much weight in the market.

BCCG is like a really cheap service.
They aren’t nearly as strict as BGS
These are Nintedo Mew cards with 2 lines going through them. Including the 8 misprint in one Mew if anyone saw it while on eBay.
Square cut Ninetales, Charizard, and first edition Dragonair.
Gastly no rarity and Mew promo?