carrotzz Collection Thread

Hello I have come back to post an update to my Treecko master set binder. I still have a few more unlimited cards on the Japanese side of things though (all my unlimited Japanese are in another binder I will have to post soon). I still need to pick up the unlimited Grass Quick Constrution Deck Treecko (ex Emerald print on the English side), unlimited Spiral Force Treecko (Plasma Freeze print on the English side) and both the unlimited and 1st ed. Japanese Gold Stars. Also I know there are a lot of super knowledgeable people on this forum so let me know if there are any Treeckos I am missing. Enjoy!

Also as a side note I recently picked up one of my grail cards which is why I had to put my hunt for the Japanese gold stars on hold. But check out this wonderful Pop 9 2004 Treecko WB Kids Creator Card Promo. This card holds a very special place in my heart because I remember this promotion as a kid and how cool it was that kids got to draw cards and have a chance to have them become the real thing. There was 5,250 of these distributed in a promotional pack that also had Mudkip, Torchic, Wurmple, and Pikachu. The 5 grand prize winners got 50 packs each and 5,000 were given away to lucky winners. Its crazy that it has been over a year since one of these was graded in a PSA 10 and I am so happy to own this boy who is happily throwing leaves around. :blush:


What an awesome post! I love your dedication to Treecko.

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Haha thank you! It always makes me happy to see other people also enjoy the collection. :hugs:

Hello I have a small collection post to make today. First off I have picked up another low pop Treecko for my collection. I have picked up a PSA 10 Reverse Holo Treecko from ex Dragon. This card is pop 5 which is not very suprising coming from early ex era. The early ex era reverse holos are super hard to grade in my opinion and I am super happy to pick it up. Also as I posted in another thread I really enjoy the art work by Hajime Kusajima on this card. I really love how he illustrated a Sceptile from Primal Clash 12 years later that looks to pull a lot of inspiration from the this card.

I also have finally took some photos of my Japanese Unlimited Treecko binder. I am still missing a few cards but here is what I have so far. I am really trying to hunt down the unlimited on from Grass Quick Construction Pack.

Lastly I also took some pictures of my Treecko cards with different serial numbers. Please let me know if I am missing any ( @Quuador :sweat_smile:).


You’ve indeed got all English codes. :slight_smile: Three for each non-Holo Common of those sets (and the EX Crystal Guardians set that also contains a Treecko only had a single code per card). And the Japanese ex era Treecko were all sets/promos/decks without different codes.

And congrats on the PSA-10 EX Dragon RH!


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Thank you for confirming and I really appreciate the reply. Your Seviper collection is what inspired me to post my Treecko collection here. :smile:

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Hello I am back again with what might be one of my biggest pickups in a while. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend Ocala Comic Con this year and get some cards signed by the wonderful Mitsuhiro Arita. Overall the event was good and I got there about 8am Saturday and went immediately to wait in line for the signing. It took about about 8 hours to get my cards signed which overall wasn’t too bad and if I had to do it again I most definitely would. Arita was very patient and I am super happy I was able to met him. Anyways here are the beautiful cards!

We were able to get 1 card sketched and 2 signed in total. Obviously the card I was going to get sketched was the Treecko from the Grass Quick Construction Deck (ex Emerald) which was illustrated by Arita. I am beyond stoked that I have a cute little Treecko head on this card now. I am also curious if there are any other Treecko sketches out there by Arita. The other card I decided to get signed was one of my favorite cards from my childhood which is the Rayquaza from ex Holon Phantoms. My Fiancé came with me to get some cards as well and she decided to get her vending Eevee signed and sketched but didn’t want anything else signed. I used her other spot to get the Japan Post Cramorant signed. I also picked up a print of Artia’s Le Grand Diner and plan on framing it and putting it up in my office. Overall it was a very fun and memorable event and I really can’t thank Arita enough for coming out and doing this. I really hope to see him again in the future.