Card storage.

My collection has outgrown my safe (which was a bit of a squeeze to start with) and am after a larger cupboard or safe for my cards. Don’t really want to spend too much - what does everyone here use?

Liberty. Made in USA. Less than the cost of many single cards that I see posted on here. More of a residential security container than a “safe” but that is what most people mean (or even less) when using the word “safe”.

What is your safe that you speak of currently?

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I use 5,000 Count and 1,200 Count storage boxes to store Common/Uncommons in. I also use them for sleeved Reverses, Holos, and Rares.

I store tons of holos in Toploaders and Ultra Rares in Card Savers for Grading. I also store the graded cards and Ultras in Graded card boxes similiar to the ones listed above. I store one of each common to NHR in binders for collection purposes. I currently have atleast 25 to 30 binders filled with cards aswell. I store Sealed packs in either tins or booster boxes.