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Anyone else having issues atm. sending stuff to Canada?

Last month I sold couple psa cards to longtime ebay user with very good feedback score. Got paid quickly, shipped cards May 18th and letter left Finland May 19th. Since May 25th tracking process has been like this " Item has arrived in Canada and was sent for further processing ".

Is the letter simply stuck at customs or am I missing something here? Feels like an eternity waiting buyer messaging back everything is okay with purchase.

not totally the same, but a seller from the US sold me some cards on the 19th May, it reaches Australia on the 25th and tracking shows the last update as;

Processed Through Sort Facility
May-25-15, 03:32 AM

i gave my post office a ring and customs is holding the cards for some reason and wont tell me why and informed me that the seller must contact his post office or the cards will be sent back to him

perhaps something similar is happening to your cards?

Not sure why the buyer would contact you? You shipped and supplied tracking. What in the world more can you do unless you moonlight as a Canadian postal or customs worker lol.

This response to your inquiry by you post office is absurd. They have NOTHING to do with the customs department and have zero access to information or their files. And,.,what could the sellers post office actually do from that country?

I think they were just passing the buck.

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yeah im dumbfounded myself, this has never happened, its 4 cards theyre holding ransom like its got drugs in it or something lol, i got the same response talking to two different people, i told the seller and he thought it was odd himself

Possibly a bit friendlier than opening a case straight off the bat?

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Exactly, if there’s any genuine problems with this order I’d rather work out solution in friendly manner with buyer instead of ebay/pp case.

Even if the letter would be miraculously delivered within few days I’d still like to hear from buyer everything was okay. That’s how I like to do with every deal was it done through ebay, forums or some other route.

That wasn’t an alternate consideration to what I was addressing.

There haven’t been any holidays lately… Just note that Canada Post only runs 5 days a week, maybe that’s a contributing factor?

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