Can older Japanese packs be weighed?

I am looking at getting some older packs from Base to the Black and White era and was wondering if its similar to the English side of things were they can all be weighed? I want to actually pull something from these packs or at least have a chance.

Most of the old Japanese booster packs all contained a holo, so they would all weigh the same.


Base set contains 50/50 holo and non holo, and yes they can be weight.
Newer sets, like mentioned above, all contain holo’s so no problem (although I’m not 100% that’s the case with all sets).

50% of base packs has a holo, from jungle to neo destiny 100%, all E series 50% (VS and WEB 100%) , all old ex series 100%


Is there a difference between weight holos and exs in the old ex era? That’s most likely my price range at the moment.

I highly doubt it, or if there is then it’s extremely small difference. Probably impossible to tell whether its a holo or ex