Can lighter packs contain a holo?

I understand the sentiment against pack weighing but I once read that lighter packs can also contain a holo, is this true? I have seen some 1st edition Team Rocket packs labeled as light and given how ‘cheap’ they go for compared to the heavy or unweighed ones, I am curious about the chances.

If it is true, then how is it possible? What exactly influences the weight during the card making process? Is it the ink, the gsm of the paper?


I can think of only one scenario where an accurately weighed light pack could be a holo. That would be a neo Destiny, and that is because the shining cards are lighter than standard holos. So unfortunately, that rocket light pack is just a light pack.

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If they weren’t weighed straight out of a sealed box there is a grey area where it could be either.

They were, but the seller wrote in the description that he got only an X number of holos from the box, which is lower than the usual (average ?) and so that one of the light packs might be a holo. I personally don’t know about the holo distribution within a box so no idea.

Lol. Good thinking by the seller;)

If it’s a WOTC box then there should be 12 holo packs in the box. So even if the seller’s story is true (which I doubt) your odds are 1:18 instead of 1:3 if it were a truly unweighed pack.

The full story was “I have 4 packs left, all light, and I got 11 holos from all the other packs.”

Now he seems like a credible seller and has a video of him unboxing and labeling the packs according to the weight. But I am not really thinking about buying, simply curious as to how it works mainly :blush:

Edit: I was lying, I am interested in buying :slightly_frowning_face:

Can you link us all to that video?

Now upon rewatching, it is actually 15 packs that they have not opened not 4. It was four just for that specific artwork.

Edit: here’s the ebay listing
dit2: off topic but someone opened another box and wrote down weight of all the packs, interesting to see