Can Anyone Help Me Find these Cards

I will just put links to them if thats ok.^^

But these are some I REALLY need to complete my collection…

and would be grateful if someone could help me get them or something… if they were bought in the auctions on Y!J I would gladly pay back who bought them for me, because I honostly have no clue on how to use Y!J. I only recently learned how to search on there… lol…

But yes I will have the card listed and the links to the pics and some Auctions I found them in^^

This one is just a Random Auction because I want the sealed Pikachu Card in it and if whoever helps me get it wants to keep all the other cards you are more then welcome and I will pay for the Pikachu/Pikachus and the Shipping. If its just a small auction with a couple of cards I want then I will pay all of it back.^^

But heres this one:

And heres my List:
1st Ed Red Cheeked Pikachu Shadowless
Red Cheeked E3 Pikachu (Sealed if I can get it for a REALLY good price)
Japanese Shining Raichu
Reverse Holo Copycat from Expedition
Japanese Pokemon Park from the Master Kit
Japanese Holo Raichu from Fire Red Leaf Green
Japanese Mr Stones Project from the Master Kit x3 (I need three of these)
Both Japanese Ditto Pikachus one from Holon Reach Tower Lighting Quarter Deck and the other from the Japanese EX Delta Species
Japanese Raichu from the Japanese EX Holon Phantoms
Japanese Pikachu from the Master Kit
Japanese Raichu from the Master Kit
Japanese Copycat from Thunder! Tyranitar ex Constructed Standard Deck
Raichu Prerelease Error (Missing Stamp) from Arceus
Japanese Reverse Holo Raichu from Soul Silver
The Japanese Tyranitar Dark Deck (Both in the same pic)
The Japanese Steelix Metal Deck (Both in the same Pic)
Japanese Reverse Pokemon Communation from Soul Silver
Japanese Pokemon Fan Club Promo
Japanese CoroCoro Ivy Pikachu
Non Holo Delta Species Pikachu 035 Black Star Promo
Japanese Raichu from Rampardos the Attacker Half Deck
Japanese “2006” Stamped Silver Victor Medal
Japanese Pikachu Promo P-44
Japanese McDonalds Pichu Promo p-32
Japanese Pichu Bros Movie Promo p-28 (Sealed if Possible)
All 5 of the 10th Anniversary Pokemon Center Promos (Sealed if Possible)
Japanese Pokemon Center Tokyo Trainer Promo p-19
Japanese Pokemon Park Pikachu (Sealed if possible)
Japanese Staduim Pal City Kanto Promo
Reverse Holo Pokemon Park from Aquapolis
Japanese WHF Pikachu (Sealed)
Japanese Delta Species Raichu
These are all that I am really looking for now to complete my collection other then the super Rare cards

That’s quite a list. I hope you get them :3