Looking for help/info with/on pokemon center promo cards

Hello everyone! I am more of an old school collector (1st and 2nd gen) but I want to start getting into the newer stuff as well. The pokemon center promo cards caught my eye recently. I just purchased the mega Tokyo Pikachu and the pretend pikachus. I have tried to find more info on the internet but it seems hard to find.

From what I understand they are only sold at specific stores for short times as promos. Is there maybe a list out there of all of them? I think most of them are Japanese? are there English as well? (like i said i’m new to the newer stuff don’t judge lol) Sorry if this is a simple question and i’m just looking in the wrong place.

The highest priority would be the ones with actual “pokemon center” stamps on them. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

There is a Gyarados Pokemon center promo given away to participating stores in Japan on August 22-23rd. There are some for sale on Yahoo Japan. Talk to @japanime for middleman service.
Little side note, there is one bidder who is buying all of them so pm me if you need more info!

I believe there were a couple original wizards promos with the pokemon centre stamp?? Maybe a celebi and rapidash?

Ho-oh and rapidash if I’m not mistaken? They were black star promos from the NY pokemon centre I THINK, I never look up stuff to back up what I say so if my head serves me well then what I have said is correct :stuck_out_tongue:

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Does anyone know of a place I could find a list of them? I would love to start a collection. I recently just purchased this one. I have no idea how rare it is, but it had the pokemon center stamp so i figured what the hell haha


There have been several Pokemon Center jumbo cards as well. The Happy Birthday jumbos (given to customers on their birthdays) are among them.

Yo, PM me. I can help you with the Japanese Charizard promo :blush:

As for lists, just check on Bulbapedia. They might have a list that can help you.

It’s not rare, but getting any card (especially a reverse holo) in PSA 10 quality for 16 dollars is nothing to worry about.

I did see the jumbos. I’m not really interested in them, just the normal sized ones. If anyone is selling any let me know! Thanks