Caffeinated__Owl's Totodile Collection

Im new to this board (so pre-emptive apologies if ive done anything wrong here) but this collection has been going for about 8 years, I wanted to wait for it to be finished before i showed it off but these things never really are complete as I keep finding new thing to include. This is just the main TCG cards I do have some non TCG stuff (topps, meiji, ect.) and a few psa slabs but not enough to show off yet.

as for what’s in this collection Im going for every variant of totodile many of which are japan exclusive promos (also 1 german exclusive that im missing) I do plan on expanding to other languages eventually but not right now. cards are ordered by release date however some of the japanese promos are variants of an already existing card but the promo release before the other card gets release in english I ended up ordering english cards by their japanese versions release date otherwise a variant would show up before the standard card. Yes this bugs me, yes I know no one else cares, yes i do plan to fix it by replacing the english cards with japanese cards.

also apologies for the image quality/glare I did my best but Im awful at taking photos

Neo genesis #80 1st edition, Neo genesis #80 Unlimited, Neo genesis #81 1st edition, Neo genesis #81 Unlimited

World hobby fair promo, Champion Road 2000 promo, Neo destiny 1st edition, Neo destiny Unlimited

Intro pack neo Totodile half deck #16, (in transit) intro pack neo Totodile half deck #21, Expedition #134, Expedition #134 Rev holo

Expedition #135, Expedition #135 Rev holo, e-starter deck #21, e-starter deck #22

Mcdonalds e minimum #8, Ex hidden legends (code: HYO-3FG-3UU), Ex hidden legends (code: HYO-3FG-631), Ex hidden legends (code: HYO-3FG-VTR)

Ex hidden legends Rev holo, Pcg-p promo #30, Feraligtr constructed deck #1, Ex unseen forces (code: 1GQ-GMA-BQX)

Ex unseen forces (code: 1GQ-GMA-H66), Ex unseen forces (code: 1GQ-GMA-RG3), Ex unseen forces Rev holo, Ex dragon frontiers

Ex dragon frontiers Rev holo, Mysterious treasures, Mysterious treasures Rev holo, Manaphy half deck

Movie Commemoration Random Pack, L-P Promotional #8, HeartGold Soulsilver, HeartGold Soulsilver Rev holo

L-P Promotional #36, Gyrados half deck #1, Gyrados half deck #14, (Missing) Snowflake collection

Call of legends, Call of legends Rev holo, Phantom forces, Phantom forces Rev holo

XY-P #226, McDonald’s Collection 2016, Shining Legends, Shining Legends Rev holo

Dragon Majesty, Dragon Majesty Rev holo, Lapras GX deck, McDonald’s Collection 2021 non holo

Mcdonalds collection 2021 holo

Im missing the german exclusive snowflake collection card. theoretically its in transit but it’s 2 months late so i’ve given up on that one arriving.


Single Pokemon collections are a pleasure to watch, good luck in your journey and I see you have the real Goldstar there so you are a wise person

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The Gold star one was a real waiting game trying to find one sold by itself, it’s always bundled with chikorita and cyndaquil. Finally found one by itself for a decent price recently. Ive got one thats graded aswell which was actually easier to find.


Nice! For 1000th time, i love single pokemon collections, would be awesome to see your non tcg ones too no matter how many of them there are!


Most favourite Collection type next to Artists Collections =)
I hope your Collection Journey will reach the “Complete” Status!
Its so cool to have a Goal and dont stop with it even after Years

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I have a bunch of non tcg cards I just ordered I plan to update when they all arrive should be a few weeks!


Non-TCG card update:

There is still quite a few of these that I’m missing and they’re also harder to track down and know what exists, this is currently the main focus as the only standard TCG card I’m missing at the moment is the German snowflake collection and I haven’t been able to find another since the one I ordered never showed up.

as for these I know I’m missing Topps screen snaps 2 in both holo and non-holo the sticker card, Hologram card, and the Die-cut embossed. as well as the Pokémon channel nice card in brown. There are a few other cards I’ve seen online that I haven’t been able to find much information about.

the holo is hard to see in this picture but the 2nd of each topps card is indeed holo


Ah, super cool update, they really bring the best out of totodile especially in those meiji cards

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This is awesome. Totodile always looks so happy no matter what it’s doing. I love how the ex hidden legends one also looks like that Totodile toy that everyone seems to have owned at some point. On a side note, I had no idea there was another countdown calendar besides the 2008 one. Hope you can find another snowflake one.

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The countdown calendars had weird releases the 2008 one was released in parts of Europe and Canada there wasn’t one in 2009 then the 2010 one was only released in Germany. The card doesn’t seem to show up for sale very often but I don’t think there are too many other people looking for it so I should be able to grab which ever one pops up next just got to wait for it…

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Great collection! :grin:
Totodile is my favourite gen 2 starter!
We both share similar collection goals, English + Japanese + that one German snowflake card haha!

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Hey @caffeinatedowl , thanks for this awesome post! I’ve literally made an account here just to reply to this thread. I too am a big Totodile fan (it’s my favourite Pokemon), and just yesterday I posted on Reddit regarding the latest update to what I thought was a complete Totodile TCG collection:

However, someone notified me about the German calendar countdown card with the snowflake, and upon searching for it, I came across your thread here - and I was stunned by how many specific cards I haven’t got/didn’t know about! You’ve now cost my wallet on eBay :wink:

Using a combo of eBay and TCGplayer, I should have the majority of the remaining missing ones arriving over the next several weeks, though like you, I haven’t been able to track the German snowflake one. I also haven’t managed to find one from the Lapras GX deck without purchasing the entire deck, so that’s something I’m deciding on currently.

I also had a question for you - do you know why certain Totodile cards were printed with different codes (EX Hidden Legends + EX Unseen Forces)? That’s a great bit of detail I had no idea about, so I’ve added those remaining code versions to the set. Though it’s weird the same logic doesn’t apply to reverse holo variants, and overall it seems so random and unnecessary!

Anyway, thanks again for sharing here, it’s really helped. Hoping we both achieve our full Totodile TCG collections!


@caffeinatedowl, despite being a massive Johto fan, I had never seen many of this beautiful cards. Your profile picture for example is stunning and I had never seen it!

Thank you for bringing these to my attention.

Oh hey, that was me pointing out the countdown calendar one on Reddit. Love the Johtodile name.

The code was a thing for common and uncommon cards during a bit of the EX era. I know Eevees have it too. Even the Japanese cards had it at some point. Really makes it a pain to find a specific code sometimes.Never found out why they did it.

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Oh hey @ragingkraken! Wow, thanks a lot for that - crazy how you found this thread coincidentally (unless there’s an obvious and logical explanation that I’m just missing haha). Anyway, much appreciated for all your help :blush:

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Awesome collection!

It’s always so nice to see all of one binder dedicated to just one Pokémon (especially when it’s nice and cute artworks like totodile)!

If you are up for a challenge, I believe you are missing 3 pretty rare Japanese unlimited variants, see below for some (very poor quality) pictures:

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