Buying Single sleeves

So I started to collect individual sleeves after noticing how cool the artworks are and how verified they seem to be, but I am having issues finding sellers that sell them individually. Does anyone know a good resource/website that I can purchase the individual sleeves (not the full pack)? I’ve gotten some on ebay, but it was very difficult and even more difficult to find the right terms to search. I haven’t really found any other locations that seem to sell them individually.

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I… didn’t even know that anyone sold single sleeves lol. 99.99999% of people would just want a pack so that’s what everyone sells. If you’re really looking to only buy singles it’s going to be a very long hard road because that’s a tiny niche within a small niche

I figured it was a small niche. Since I have all these extra holos and rare cards, I put them to good use by reversing the sleeve. They look pretty good in a binder.


If you get to 50 posts here in E4, you could create a ‘buy’ thread. There are probably people here willing to sell some sleeve singles.

As far as ebay and other markets, this is very niche and selling single sleeves probably isn’t worth most people’s time to list.

I think your best bet might be to figure out whatever sleeves you want, get to 50 posts, then post a buy thread here. Most if not all of us have dozens or hundreds of random sleeves sent with cards we’ve bought

I actually super dig this collection idea and wish you well on it! I would be emotionally prepared to not get mint sleeves as they could be put through the shipping ringer or in played condition, but if someone cracks a pack and is willing to part with their 61st or 62nd sleeve, you might get lucky!

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I like this idea too. It shows how there are different ways to enjoy a hobby.
I’d consider collecting the little packs too. They are pretty cheap:)


There is not really a great place to buy, but this is such a nice idea! Most of the time a single sleeve is more than 1/10th of the price of the entire pack. I know some people in my local group which collect sleeves. I know that they will buy the entire pack together and each get a part of the complete pack. It is hard to find these people, but if you find them it will help to find some nice sleeves for less than the 2/3$ that are asked on ebay per sleeve.
Also the buy thread will probably help when you are at 50 posts, lots of sleeves combined on this page I would guess.

Be the one to fill the niche. Buy packs of each one you need, pull out the one for you and sell the rest as singles. Gotta be some slow movers but I’d imagine if you sell 5-10 from each pack you’ve broken even and are in the profit for the remainder.


Please start a sleeve collecting group! I have thought about this before, but knew that the sleeve collectors were rare. there are so many cool sleeves out there that can be cheap to collect through trading (or buying) singles, especially when people have 60+ extras.

I’ll look into it. Gotta make a list of all that I’ve gotten so far and do some more research.

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Best of luck! I used to trade for sleeves (but just generic different colors nothing fancy) and it was a pain to do online. Easier in person. As a teenager I had very little money while playing the competitive TCG so if a few sleeves from a pack of 60 ripped I always tried to trade for a few instead of having to pay $3-5 for a whole new pack. I distinctly remember trying to trade for two or three dragon shield purple sleeves.

When in - person tournaments resume, you might enjoy looking at people’s different sleeves and offering to trade for a few of them if they have extra.

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Super cool collection path! One of my buddies is doing a very similar idea with only Elite Trainer Box sleeves! He got most of his through luck really, with most people using those sleeves to ship cards and he’s acquired quite a few over the past year.

Please reach out if anyway I can help, got a few random sleeves laying around that I can ship out if you don’t have them already!

Yeah, a thread here would be great. I have some sitting around I can look for over the holidays.

I’d also sign up for a forum such as PokeGym or PokeBeach with a larger TCG player and trading community and make a thread there.

It might be also worth a shot posting/browsing PKMNCollectors, they’re a more general merch collecting group but I’ve seen people buy/sell single sleeves there before.