Where to get well fitting sleeves for PSA cards?

I need some help with finding good sleeves for PSA graded cards and I think people in here have quite a lot of experience with that kind of stuff so I decided to ask in here rather than just go and google some :blush: I would like to have sleeves that fit well with the cases. I have 2 cards with no sleeves and definitely want to sleeve them to have protection, and also 2 that are in sleeves that are too big and I definitely prefer ones that fit well.

Where do you guys buy your sleeves? How much do they cost? What do you think about the quality? Tell me some possible options :blush:

Here you go.


One thing I don’t know is why listing doesn’t specify shipping to Finland, I ordered 100x sleeves not too long time ago and he charged few pounds for it.

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Thanks for the link :blush: I noticed the same thing, no shipping specified. I think I’ll contact the seller and ask about it

I would say these are the best www.perfectfitsleeves.com/

@pokemonsyndicate loved them also if I remember correctly.


I checked the site and they seem to be quite cheap too. The only problem is that I’m unable to calculate shipping. My country is there on the list and the only shipping method I can choose is “online delivery, no shipping”. Possibly a bug on the site or? :confused: There are lots of countries on their list and they even have to possibility to change currency there and everything. When I check the shipping page the only information there is “Free shipping not available this time”. On FAQ page they say that shipping is calculated automatically. Strange…

may have to do this, its under the international buyers link.


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Oh I didn’t find that page, thank you @colours :blush:

Been meaning to purchase more sleeves. Thank you :slight_smile:

No problem, they are great sleeves. And Canadian lol :blush:

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Big Brother is watching



Wonder if they do sample packs internationally?

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I wonder who owns it. This is like who shot Mr Burns.

No more Simpsons references from me, for today.

I bought 75 for $9.50AU delivered. Can’t complain!

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I’m sure they would, no hurt in asking.

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