Sites Where You Can Sell Sleeves?

I was wondering if anyone knows a site where you can sell sleeves. I have around 25 sets of sleeves, mostly from ETBs from XY and SM sets, and am hoping to sell, but TrollandToad (who I sell most of my extra cards to) doesn’t have any listed on their buylist.

Cardmarket has almost every sleeve or playmat etc. released listed.

Edit* Apparently no for Pokemon lol. I believe for Magic they do list more.

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If it’s a deal I might buy some up. Or you can always list them on eBay. There is a decent amount of sleeves that come in packages but seems like I’m always running out

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They probably aren’t buying cos’ they probably have a lot themselves. I sell mine at local league for 1USD per pack. They take up way too much space and way too much time to sell. Best be rid of them.


Unfortunately, the sleeves in the ETBs kind of suck for those who play the card game. They damage too easily and stick together when shuffled. I think your best bet is throwing them up on eBay with a Best Offer and see what you get.

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