Buying "mystery" pack lots Question

I’m sure a lot of the people on this board have seen them on eBay. Those “mystery” random lot of Pokemon Cards with that slim chance of getting a 1st edition Charizard. I’m sure there are some people who take the photo of the 1st edition Charizard but do not even include it in any of the lots (which would be deceptive marketing). I’m not trying to sell these myself, I mainly ask out of curiosity.

Questions are: Has anyone actually bought these/know someone who has? And more importantly has anyone gotten lucky enough to get a rare 1st edition holo?

I’m going to bet no one has ever received a 1st Edition Charizard from one. Deceptive marketing is all there is to it.

There are no ways to ensure any of the sold packs actually contain anything pictured, which is why these types of auctions and lots are against eBay policy. I report as many as I can when I’m browsing.

Has anyone ever received an actual 1st Ed Charizard? The short answer, no. The long answer, hell no.


People will never EVER give away actual rare and expensive cards in these lots.
It’s a classic and cliche’d selling technique, all you are ever going to get is rubbish.

The whole point of these lots is selling cards for more than they are worth.

Wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole. Waste of time and money in my opinion.

Big nope for random lots, most of the time sellers don’t even have cards they’ve listed + they use other people’s pictures.


I know for a fact that they do not give anything they state. When primes were cheap, it was Meganiums. Now that RC FAs are cheap, it is them. They get their friends to take photos of their collections and say WOW LOOK! Totally stupid, totally against ebay policies and I don’t like those people at all.

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Let me give you the best evidence for why to never buy from these people.

Look at the pictures many of them use. They are almost all stolen from the internet. There is a popular picture among them of every gold star card with a blank holo card. Or the huge charizard lot. I think these people just keep recreating accounts.

Thanks for the replies! (: Yeah I would never buy these at all and its crazy how they just steal the stock photos. I guess the only way for sure to know if someone was being honest is to buy their entire lot… which none of them sell all together anyways… Plus it would be a waste of money as previously mentioned!

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I can attest to the stolen picture scam in order to sell grab bag lots. Mine have been used dozens of times.

Back in 1999 I put up a grab bag listing on Yahoo Auctions USA. I asked for all buyers to list exactly what they received in their Feedback for me. I played it legit and after potential bidders saw the feedback the listing exploded and all lots were gone lightning quick. I did get one ‘neutral’ from someone who saw no coro Balloon pikas ever left in my feedback even though I advertised 5 of them would be included. I figured that since not everybody always left feedback that would explain it. Well, 5 years later after Yahoo Auctions folded, I found 5 envelopes in a couch cussion and sure enough there were the pikas mixed inside.