Buy From PWCC And Lay Out NO Cash

This is a new feature Brent is initiating that could help some of you get that special card you want that you can’t immediately put cash out for.

I know I’ve been critical of PWCC but this is something that could help our brothers and sisters here on e4 so I don’t mind touting it for that reason:)


So if your consigning at double the value of the item you purchase, does that mean you still get money back after your consignment sells?

Haha it was you after all

A sneaky way of humble bragging about a tiny purchase.

I like it :blush:


Let’s be honest, they gave you 5% off for this advertisement :stuck_out_tongue:

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Like if you win a 500.00 card, you’d send them appx value 1000.00 for them to consign. As soon as they got your consign items they’d send you your winning 500.00 card. If your stuff sells for 1000.00 they’d keep the 500 and send you the remaining cash minus fees ofcourse.


Just about everybody knew it already. I mean, who else is so crazy;)

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Hmmm…I like the way you think :blush:

You’re not crazy. That will be a million dollar card one day, mark my words. Or maybe I’m crazy too. We may both be crazy but consider yourself lucky I don’t have that kind of money at my disposal. :wink:

Removed this post due to faulty assumptions!

At first I was worried you were going to be suggesting people buy cards with debt… like the Paypal bill me later crap or “Kabbage”. This actually is a cool idea. I wonder if they charge added fees though over if you were to just pay with cash and consign your items separately or if you genuinely are getting this service for free since they are getting extra business out of it?

I didn’t get all the details but it seems no added fees,

That is a pretty solid deal then if that is the case. Makes sense since PWCC makes money both on the higher sale price of the original consignment due to a non cash buyer being able to bid as well as earning the commission on the future consignment.

That’s a great deal tbh. I intend them to send them a few cards as I find their fees very reasonable especially considering most of their auctions go a tad bit above market value.

I don’t think they charge extra as they actually save the paypal fees. In a $20k transaction, that’s quite a nice chunk of change. Then they double their profit if your cards sell for the expected amount.

Right guys. That’s what I was thinking and why I posted it. I thought it would give others an option to get a card they really wanted but couldn’t afford at that moment:)

Who determines the value of the stuff you are sending them to consign?

No idea but normally it’s not too hard to approximate.