Bold Predictions

We probably already have a thread like this somewhere, but what the hell. What are some bold predictions on what will happen in the Pokemon card hobby in the future? I also think it would be good if we threw in a little bit of explanation, so they aren’t massively far-fetched. Here are some of mine:

Primal Clash booster boxes will be worth more than Flashfire.

    Pretty bold, but here's why. Primal Clash has better pulls, better Pokemon, and is less collectible (as of now). In Flashfire, maybe you can score some Charizards, but chances are you'll get a bunch of Magnezones and Toxicroaks and Kangaskhans. Not the best pulls at all. The secret rares are boring, the full arts are uninspiring (except for maybe Lysandre), and the quality is terrible as well. Not to mention everyone has been hoarding Flashfire packs and boxes with the expectation that they'll rise massively in price. Charizard-EX cards have been seriously overprinted in both English and Japanese (7x Flashfire, 1x tin Promo, 1x FA Box promo, 2x Generations, and possibly more reprints in Premium Champion Pack). Flashfire certainly isn't the only source for Zard cards. In contrast, Primal Clash is a much more well-rounded set. The only "low-end" ex cards are Sharpedo and Camerupt. Chances are you're pulling several Groudons or Kyogres in a box. They aren't Charizard, but they're pretty nice. Also, you have a chance at very well-designed full art Megas, something that's not available in Flashfire. Being the first set to introduce these FA Megas also makes Primal Clash more special.   

DP-Pt Era Cards and Boxes will become much more valuable.
Just sort of a hunch I have here. These cards were released only a few years after the EX Series (very valuable today), but their values seem to have risen very slowly, if at all. I think people will eventually come on to the Lv. X cards and will appreciate them more. Also, the DPt era was the last to feature a palatable holo pattern. I say booster boxes will be worth 200-250 each in two years.

**XY10 will be the final XY-block set.**We’re seeing the same pattern we saw towards the end of the BW block: a newly introduced mechanic that really isn’t that great (Plasma cards - BREAKs), and reprint sets (Legendary Treasures - Premium Champion Pack). What with everything Pokemon is throwing at us in the coming months, including the reveal of Volcanion and Magearna, I think we’re due for a break from Pokemon TCG sets while Pokemon hypes up a new main-series game. They’re throwing all these new products at us to tide us over until the new game gets released. My prediction is that we’ll get Pokemon Z, but with brand new Pokemon, a new area, etc. So sort of Gen 6.5. The next set block will be titled XYZ.

Let me know your bold predictions!


I agree with everything you said @fourthstartcg. My bold prediction is that almost all holos from the beginning to the end will be PSA graded and preserved, which is good. That is all.

I would say roaring skies in two years has a shot at beating out flashfire, but not really primal clash beating either of them IMO. Sure it is out of print now, but still going for <$100 and flashfire is already $150-200. Not enough high value cards in Primal clash to push it up in my opinion. Or not enough good cards either. Few trainers and decent cards, but not enough I don’t think. Flashfire has junk for tcg related, but the Charizard factor is strong as can already be seen. Roaring skies has playable trainers, the most staple of all staple pokemon in shaymix ex.

My bold prediction; the cheaper WoTC packs and booster boxes such as Team Rocket, Jungle and fossil will double in price in the next 5 years

Agreed, it seems people are cracking the packs like crazy

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The mint base 1st Ed Rares will shoot up in price.
There were about 1 1/2 of each per box but the last decade nobody opened the weighed non holo packs so mint ones are scarce.


This sounds totally possible as long Shaymin EX doesn’t receive promo reprint in tin etc. :blush:

My prediction is over time the next couple years we are all gunna lose some interest (I mean people 20-40 in general) and realise that the amount of money we’re pouring into cardboard, could/should be paying off mortgages and other debts and actually drop the values of ridiculously expensive stuff.


Yeah right


I feel like in the past 12 months they have already gone up 50%. I bought about 5-6 boxes of each last year for opening. All team rocket boxes were bought between 300-400, fossil were 350-450 and jungle were 400-450. Now I can’t find any of them that low. Haven’t had a bid win at those same prices in at least 7 months or so.

So I guess I would say my bold prediction is that they will all be $1000 boxes by 2020. A little higher price in a little shorter time. I could be way off though. But from when I started in Dec 2014, I have noticed a ton of boxes being harder to grab at my target prices.

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Since Roaring Skies went out of print a few weeks ago, the trainers have already seen a price increase. Shaymin has been holding strong at $30+, I imagine that to go up when everyone runs out.

From base the uncommons and commons are still going up as well. I was surprised to see the ungraded uncommons bringing really what the PSA 9 values were bringing. This is mainly the starters and more popular cards, but $30 for a Charmeleon seemed ridiculous until it sold.

Even unlimited WOTC holos and rares have shot up. I had stepped away from buying these for a little while and relisted some recently and was surprised that cards like Base Mewtwo would bring $8.95. Same goes with Fossil and Jungle both.

Is roaring skies out of print? I know XY- Primal clash went out a few weeks ago, but hadn’t heard roaring skies was included in that.

exactly, i put my nose up at someone asking $330 AUD for a fossil box last year, haven’t seen any for less than $500 for a while

also, i think the 1st edition boxes for these sets are very under priced compared to their unlimited counterparts, you can find the 1st edition versions for less than 30% more than unlimited sometimes, so i predict they will increase at a faster rate as well.

BW11 Legendary Treasures boosters

XY2 Flashfire boosters

XY3 Furious Fists boosters

XY4 Phantom Forces boosters

XY5 Primal Clash boosters

These all went out of print at the same time back in early December

I was notified of Roaring skies on 2/11


Thanks. Yeah I just confirmed as well. I expect them to go up a fairly decent amount in a short amount of time. By the end of the year I would expect them in the $130+ range with the playable trainers and the ubiquitous shaymin. Hopefully no promo reprint.

Have a case on the way now. Guess we will see how it goes. Probably will open a couple and sit on a few of them.