Blank holo found in Red Genesect collection

Someone posted this on Reddit yesterday, and I thought you guys might be interested. I’ve never seen a blank holo from a recent set. How much would you be willing to pay for it? It would be a lot cooler if it wasn’t the mirror foil pattern, but I’d still do $20 for it.

I saw that. I wanted to buy it from him.

How you doing?

This is the first RH blank that I have seen. Pretty cool find.

pretty cool find

Yeah, that’s pretty nifty. Lucky find. I’d love to pull that.

Hmm… Question? What do people find interesting about this? I can see why people would want it in their collection, because 1. It is a card. 2. It is an error. 3. It’s “holo” But is there any other interesting qualities behind that? I find the card really boring and would care less if I had it, but that could just be me. But interested in other points of view on how they see it.

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I found it interesting since you seldom hear about people finding cards like this.

That said, I still wouldn’t want it in my collection but I am a picky person. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Personally, I would just use it as an example when I tell people about cards and how they are made. It would be a cool physical talking piece for me. Nothing more.


It’s just junk. The printing company screwed up but failed to notice. If this were a book and several pages were blank, the customer would take it back for a replacement.

Hmm, I do see the use in it as an example. I think if you’re going for a more example oriented collection, it would be very interesting to showcase something that exemplifies the process of how cards are created.

I hadn’t considered this, but you’re almost certainly correct. We usually print bookmarks in the open positions of trading-card sheets we print, so as not to waste the space. But for high-volume printing where those open positions aren’t a real concern, yeah — that’s got to be what those blank holofoils are.

Thanks for clearing up the confusion!

It is not junk in my book. I would want it because I have been wanting a blank holo (any type of holo!) card for a while now. Just because I think it is neat.