Black Star Promos in PSA 10

Just curious if anyone has completed a set of black star promos in PSA 10? I am trying to decide if I want to start on this goal or not and was hoping to connect with people that have either started on this goal or are already finished with it.

Just have a few questions for those of you that are on this track! Let me know!


It’s a great idea. They’re a significant part of the hobby.


I know my brother is aiming to start this as one of his goals [when is the question], but they are a nice set :grin:

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Good luck on your journey. Will be hard considering the distribution method can contribute to wear and tear on the condition of the promos. Cant wait to see your collection grow should you choose to go ahead

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Good luck sir, PSA 10 is going to be a tough task, its going to look like venusaur holo is going to be the toughest after I looked at the population report.

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I pick them up whenever I can. No matter what quality. I just love the old Black Star promo artwork.

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Hey @thefiddler I do not have it completed in PSA10 but there are some cards that are worth buying them already graded because they are just as expensive ungraded. For me those were 40 and 41. They have been increasing in price over the last two years.

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I have started collecting them also and noticed the prices are going up now. It is pretty easy to get the cards but to find a PSA 10 potential card is really hard.

I just picked up a Magmar Black Star Promo #44 in really good condition, I have everything crossed as last time I checked there was only 2 PSA 10’s on the registry

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Hey there - I myself am a new collector, and have found myself drawn to PSA 10 black star promo’s.
I will try and figure out the best way to take photos and upload them, however technology isn’t my forte - in the meantime, I will write a list of the blackstars I currently own.


  • Electabuzz #2 (Movie Promo)
  • Mewtwo #3 (Movie Promo)
  • Dragonite #5 (Movie Promo)
  • Psyduck #20
  • Moltres #21
  • Articuno #22
  • Zapdos #23
  • Togepi #30
  • Snorlax #49