Black and White Legendary Treasures boosters

I’ve been checking out my local card shops to see what boosters they may have laying around, and it seems the oldest ive found is Legendary Treasures. At $10 a pack is this worth buying more of? Leaving them sealed? I’m operating under the naive hope that they haven’t been weighed (but likely have).

I believe it is worth it to pick some up. If you plan on keeping them to sell in the future you are most likely on in it for the long haul. However picking a few up at a token and acquiring slowly is not a bad idea. You can probably find a reliable eBay seller who can give young them for a good deal, maybe like 4 for 30. Hope this helped.

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Legendary Treasures packs are good to crack. There can be up to like 2-3 holos/EX’s etc. in them since they have the Radiant Collection cards. At $10 a pack I wouldn’t buy them, but you can get a much better deal from a reputable seller here:

I’ve purchased numerous “loose packs” from wowlootsellers and they are genuinely unweighed/unsearched.