Binder Quandary = Solved

Story: The other night I was laying in bed and was slowly dozing off when my problem-solving subconscious jolted me awake. I had been reading one of Gary’s binder-hating posts and was thinking of ways to fix it. The solution, which seemed so simple, popped into my head in an instant. Rubber washers!

Problem: Binder pages can slip over the tops of the rings in your binders (Yes, even in D-Ring binders). This can cause, with some pressure, dents in the cards that the binder contains.

Solution: While I had initially thought rubber washers were the solution, I was disappointed to find upon my visit to both Menards and Lowe’s that even the smallest rubber washers do not grip binder rings tight enough to solve any problems. So I got my crafty drawers on and bought a sheet of rubber packing material (Found in plumbing areas, also known as rubber gasket material). Here are the steps to solving the binder issue:

  1. Take your sheet of rubber gasket material.

  2. Cut out little squares* approximately 1.2 cm x 1.2 cm (If using Ultra-Pro Platinum Pages; adjust measurements to your brand**) of the rubber sheeting.

  3. Take a small nail suitable for hanging a small photo frame on the wall and press the sharp end through the center of the small rubber square you just cut.

  4. Remove the nail. (Duh)

  5. Press the rubber square over the binder ring as you would a binder page and press it against the front-most binder page in your binder.

  6. Enjoy the snug, secure fit that this rubber piece has over the binder ring and watch as it keeps your pages from moving in the event of a binder bump, drop, bang, crash, etc.

If anyone has any questions, ask away! I’ve tested it out and it works REALLY well. I’m very excited about this little epiphany. If, for some reason, you do not have access to a hardware store or cannot figure out my instructions, message me and I can help you obtain some of these. :blush:

*You want to make squares, as circles may slip into the holes meant for the binder rings to go through on the pages themselves.

**You want to be sure that the square is bigger than the hole intended for the binder rings to go through, but small enough that the rubber does not overlap the card next to that hole when the card is in a pocket.

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Fantastic solution! Thanks for sharing :blush:

Very interesting my friend. VERY Interesting:)

Would like to see picture of finished product?

Pictures! As you guys requested. :blush:

This is what the little ladies look like. Just a square rubber piece with a hole in it that is nearly indistinguishable at first glance:

This shows how they just slide right over the binder rings with a snug fit:

This is what it looks like with all three on. Notice how they just stay out of the way and don’t detract from the cards at all:

This gives you an idea of just how strong they can hold down the binder pages, though I suggest giving them more slack than this:

And here’s the proof that it works. :wink:

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Uhm okay, are these any different? Except for the fact that I may have too many pages in it, which I know :confounded:
That is how I store my commons/uncommons or whatever not belongs in a toploader or Probinder …

I don’t know. I’ve never been able to see any of the photos you uploaded with that photo website. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Found a way to see it and can’t make heads or tails of the picture. Care to explain what it is you are showing in them?

nobody can see it or is it just the app?
I have some kind of a metal clip which basicly does the same thing but it only fits for the middle two of four rings …

Cool. Did you buy them? Can you hold the binder upside-down without the pages slipping over the curve of the ring?

I am going to do this too, on my storage binders. Thanks for showing us!

Yeah they have a switch in the middle which either makes the clip hold the position or move around loose. I actually got this binder from a office supply shop not anything pokemon related. All of these binders come with the clip so I didn’t have to buy them individually but I think you can. It surprises me a little that you aren’t used to this in America :open_mouth:

Never seen them before.

However, I still prefer this method. I can make about 100 of these for $2.

Awesome Charlie!!!

You see a problem: you fix a problem. Good for you :blush: I will definitely have to try this on my binders

Great to see you all are open to new tricks:) Paying attention to these great collectibles today will assure they’re around tomorrow in excellent condition…

Agreed completely.
I just wanted to be able to use my beautiful D-Ring binders with an unworried mind.