Pokemon Set Binders - UniKeep Fully Enclosed

Been looking for a good binder to use for sets/ master sets of Pokemon cards. I think I’ve finally stumbled across a stellar solution!

I’ve been wanting to convert out of the Avery binders into something that I can lay horizontally and stack. I don’t like the idea of the pages being suspended/ partially suspended from the D-ring. I think this can lead to damage and card warping if left too long. I’d looked into binder sleeves but the few options there are out there are expensive and not very flexible in size or design. Finally came across these today:

UniKeep 3-Ring Case View BindersAmazon also carries them, that’s where I’ve made my first couple orders (gotta love same day delivery!).

Not only can I lay these flat but I they are also fully enclosed keeping dust and debris out! Huzzah! Material is a bit flimsy but not bad for the $6 price tag each and certainly an upgrade over the Avery binders.

I only ordered the 1/2" so far to give them a try and they are considerably smaller than the 1/2" Avery capacity. In-fact I could only fit a single base set in the 1/2" binder (approximately 12 Ultra Pro Platinum Pages with card sleeves). So I think most master sets will require 1" or greater. I’ll be ordering some 1" soon and will update this post when I get them in.

Edit: I got the 1.5" Binders in. They fit the largest sets perfectly. I’m thinking the 1" should cover most the rest. I’ll likely be ordering a bunch of those in the coming days.

Here are some photos to give a better idea of how they look:

.5" binder on top of 3 1.5" binders:

The .5 just close like an old DVD case. The 1" or larger have 2 clips that hold them closed:

.5" Binder - Seals kind of like a DVD case:


I’m not a fan of binders with rings but these look very clean to say the least. I like my Pikachu Ultra Pro ones, so far I haven’t had any issues with them.

But but but… you can’t pick how many pages are in those binders. Or see the backs of the cards. Those two are requirements for me. :blush:


Looks very sleek, I like how they sit flat. I just transferred all my cards to penny sleeves and put them in a box last weekend.

Stop it! You are not going to convince me :slightly_frowning_face: These look amazing but I just can’t go through all of this again, I would have to change all of my binders ;(

You are a savior. I’ve been wanting to switch up a portion of my collection to smaller individual binders.

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Oooo those are beautiful! I might give them a shot.

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Interesting, when you stand them for storage, do the rings put stress on the three cards nearest to the rings?

How long have you been using them?

Oh these are pretty neat! Looks a bit like oversized DVD-cases haha. But very clean. Thanks for sharing :grin:

those look absolutely fantastic @scratchdesk
seems like your hunt has paid off!
very clean and compact and on top of all that sleek.

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I actually switched my collection recently to binders with no rings because one of my cards got damaged. It was a common card thank god so I wasn’t too upset.That made me scared for my other cards so I switched. I got one of those Pikachu Pro padded binders because Smpratte was recommending them in his videos and I love it. I also got one of those binders that hold 480 and I love it. I like them more because I can still sleeve my cards in ultra pro sleeves for added protection.

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I am a fan of the probinders, I store all of my sets in them, including the 1st Edition base set…that should tell you what I think of their safety! But these are pretty sweet looking? Do they apply any pressure on the cards nearest to the the rings?

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These are really nice. I use the exact same 1/2" Avery binders you showed above. I like the sleek and full enclosed function of these. Might have to switch up soon!

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Updated the original post a bit as I got the 1.5" Binders in. Going to order a bunch of 1" ones soon that should round out the WotC and eSeries sets. I’ll update again once I’m done transitioning those.

@masonkampe & @mkpokecc I’ve only had them a couple days. The rings don’t put stress on any pages because I store them laying down which was one of the primary reasons I was so happy I found a solution like this. I imagine standing up there could be minor page “slouch” but there isn’t much room for the pages to move inside the case. So it would be an improvement over regular binders in that regard.

@martincollects The .5" are very much like DVD cases. The larger ones are a little more robust with sealing clips. But about the same material/ plastic quality as a DVD case.

@eztrella I can totally understand the concern for damage. I wanted a solution that would allow me to use a custom number of clear pages (so I can see the backs of all cards) and allow me to lay the binder flat. This was the perfect solution for me. Those Ultra Pro binders are nice though, I have a couple for spares.

I’m so sad right now that these aren’t sold in Spain :slightly_frowning_face:

Bummer! Can you order them off Amazon US? Not sure if shipping would make it too costly.

It seems that they don’t ship to Spain on Amazon and I’ve tried on their own website and shipping was like 146$ :rofl:

These look great! If I hadn’t already bought so many ultra pro pro binders, I’d consider these as options. You’re right about not choosing how many pages fit in, or seeing the backs of the cards, but I know what the cards look like when they go in, so that’s ok with me at least. The pages can be a bit frustrating sometimes if you are just 2-3 short of fitting an additional set in the same binder. But the binders themselves are quality, and the side loading pages seal any air from sleeved cards.

Even so, if I had not already committed to pro binders, these look like a great option for storing complete sets.

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A local Wal-mart Neighborhood Market is clearancing out 1" binders for .75 each.

Sorry to bump an old thread but has anyone from UK/EU had any success finding these binders? I really want to try them but I haven’t been able to find them anywhere over here. Only option I’ve found so far is to purchase from their site with over $100 shipping which is obviously out of the question. Haven’t seen any alternatives with this fully enclosed design either sadly.