'D' Ring Binders

Hey guys!

I’m looking to move my collection into better binders. I’m looking for white ‘D’ ring binders where you can insert labels/paper in the front and the spine.

I’m thinking 1.5 inches and 2 inches should be good sizes for individual sets.

Does anyone know where I can get some for cheap? I’m looking to either get them online or in a store. I live by almost every store so…yeah. :wink:

Do you have a Meijer?
I’ve had a LOT of good luck with pricing on binders and specific binder types I need there.

Worth a look see.

It’s good you’re being cautious picking just the right ones Bluey. So many binders can actually be bad for your great collectibles. Plus, picking the wrong size can hurt the cards.
I rarely use binders but I certainly see some value in them. They are better than a rubber band and a jean pocket;)

@funmonkey: I will definitely check Meijer out. There’s one right next to our Target! Might be time for a Plasma Freeze run… lol

@not Zelda Glory: Yeah I really don’t like the binders I’m using right now. They’re just ones I’ve accumulated over the years. I have 1 slanted ‘D’ ring binder and it’s amazing.

If I leave my other binders laying down or don’t make sure I pull the pages away from the rings, then I get little ring dents… :unamused: So right now they’re all standing up with a cover over the tops to keep dust from accumulating, but they’re all different and it looks funky. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going to see if I can’t come up with some way to fix regular binders.
Stay tuned. I’ve got an idea.

Very curious funmonkey. Good luck:)

My idea works in theory, but is proving extremely difficult as my student license for CAD software ran out, so I’m trying to make a functional solution MacGyver style.

That’s bad? :thinking:

Then, apparently I’ve been storing my cards wrong! ;D