BGS 9 Espeon Gold Star Japanese Play Promo at Auction

Currently at $24,000 with buyer’s premium.

Check the back scan for those 9.5 Edges. :grimacing:


If that card has 9.5 edges then I have some cards that should be graded BGS 15


I posted this in the giant unprofessional grading thread. Not only are the 9.5 edges complete trash, but the 10 corners have a ton of whitening on the bottom left corner.


Perhaps this should go into the unpopular opinion thread, but…IMO, classic Beckett grading of Pokemon cards. The backs of their cards almost always seem to have more whitening on the edges/corners than cards of the same grade from PSA or CGC (atleast 9s and below, although I’ve seen plenty of 9.5 subgrades with the same issue, just like this one). Could just be a misgrade I guess :man_shrugging:

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It ended at $24,600



@JoshsOddCollection @davie

Can’t say that I am surprised. Were you thinking that the sale price was too high or too low?

Too high, last sold for 18k and was in much better shape


I agree that it was too high. Scarcity does strange things to auctions.

These were PWCC’s most recent sales:
BGS 9 $24,600 12/25/22
BGS 9 $18,500 9/4/22
PSA 9 $25,700 6/28/21
BGS 9 $21,988 2/27/21

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Too high

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It was the same card