CGC grades a sh**-ton of Ishihara GX

CGC Certifies 11 More Ishihara Promo Cards!

From the email they sent out:

CGC Cards is proud to have certified not just one, but now 11 more Ishihara GX Pokémon promo cards! Ten of the 11 cards were graded CGC 8 or better, with the top two submissions receiving the new CGC Gem Mint 10 grade. One of the cards is even signed and sketched by Ishihara himself!

Ishihara GX features a full-art depiction of Tsunekazu Ishihara, along with a Masterball and a Rotom, illustrated by Mike Cressy. The cards were presented to Ishihara and were then given out by him personally to guests at his private 60th birthday party. Ishihara is the current president of The Pokémon Company. He is also the founder of Creatures Inc. — the development company responsible for several departments of the Pokémon franchise — and served as the company’s CEO until April 2023


I wonder if this was submitted by thou who shall not be named


Saw the email a few mins ago. This is crazy, Hopefully those who have this on their want list can pick some up now.


The source is far more interesting than the submitter

Spill the tea :frog: :tea:


bringing this back


Seeing 11 at a time might reduce the appeal for a bit. Same vibes as Snap Poliwag.


Hang on a minute does cgc have more graded than psa of a very good card now wow it’s happened lol.

This is pretty crazy. Such a cool card and story behind it.

You’d be surprised how many high-end cards are in CGC slabs. Probably the submitter didn’t want to pay $2,000 / card which would be the PSA price for a card of this tier ($25k - $50k value). Heck they might have upcharged to $3,000 for a PSA 10 ($50k - $100k value).


Love the info thanks so this makes the top cards price list @pfm is doing. Can’t remem if it’s on there.
Cgc have the highest graded rarest pokemon released set card of all time I know that :wink: lol.


Ya PSA is kind of shooting themselves in the foot by having grading prices so high. All they’re really accomplishing is allowing CGC to gain more establishment in the market by being the infinitely cheaper service.


Hope these cards will be for sale one day at a cheaper price. Lucky I didn’t go all in for the CGC 8.5 copy recently on Heritage Auction. I was the second highest bidder. On hindsight, thanks to the top bidder for saving me! :kissing_closed_eyes:

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How much did the 8.5 go for?


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RIP for the cgc 8.5k, it already dropped in value from the 55k psa 7 or was it a 6?

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As a serious comment, if anyone sees these for sale please do let me know! Really want one.


Cgc 9 signed one I wonder if that beats a 10?