Bgs 10 pristine or black labed wanted

I have 100$ leftover to spend and i really want a black label bgs card or a pristine bgs card of a cool species.

Species i like include
Gen 1 starters
Many more from gen 1-4

Not overly interested in any pokemon past that but the cards im looking for can be modern or vintage, english or japanese.

Right now im looking at a pristine 10 shining lugia for shining legends thats in my price range, i like it but if you have something cooler than that please show me.

If my offer is too low or you have a really nice 10 please message me as im still interested but for now id like to stay in budget if possible. Thanks for reading

To summarise:
100 dollars or less
Black label or pristine
Gen 1 or 2 > 3 or 4
Vintage > modern

Holo or ultra rare


Not sure what those dollar amounts are so no clue if they’re off?

Nor do I know what pwe shipping is?

PWE = plain white envelope


Euro and dollar are very close these days. 1 euro = 1.13 USD

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Update with dollar amounts :blush:
Its the cheapest form of shipping, letter plus toploader only costs 2$ international for 1-2 cards from the US.
Are my prices ok or do they need adjustment?

What is LCRH?

Legendary collection reverse holo

I think everyone has finally deciphered your post :wink: Good luck with your wants.


I could sell you about 10 unlimited

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