Best of Game, "Winner" stamped , sealed packs

These are incredibly difficult to value :sob: , I can’t find any recent sales anywhere.

I think Rusty mentioned on a recent video that he paid $500 for the Hitmonchan pack. Here’s the vid if you wish to watch it

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I would say the $500 or so he paid was actually cheap for what it is. For getting 8 cards in the pack in most likely mint shape. I thought someone in discord had mentioned paying closer to $700 each for rockets Hitmonchan and Mewtwo. Some people seem to be happy getting paid the low end or below market value for the convenience of a known/ safe buyer and not some mystery eBay seller.

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I would list them for $600 a pack and be prepared to wait.

While these are definitely very rare, they fall into the category of too niche for their own good. They do not serve most people’s primary collection or fit in with most people’s collector goals. The only people who really buy them are people with mature collections diversifying in their later years or collectors of sealed product, who for whatever reason do not seem to prioritize promos.

I used to have complete Best/Winner packs, along with lots of other sealed packs of League promos. It is my singular regret selling them in 2015, even though the money went to good use. I miss them a lot but am unlikely to ever own them again.


The R hitmonchan I was around $500 but the last R Mewtwo I bought was in a lot and factored its cost at about $1000, may have been a little more.

Has anyone seen sealed non-winner packs? The ones I’ve seen are all winner-stamped, likely because kits were shipped to TOs ahead of the tournaments, while the non-winner ones were part of the regular League kits and likely all opened?

I did some research a few months ago on the cards here, but would love to update the article with more images of the sealed packs:

There are Winner and Non Winner packs for 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, & 7


Are you planing on selling these?? Definitely a buyer if you are

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