best Neo card

I have typhlosion 17/111 in PSA 10 but the thread wont let me post a picture

I need to see this typhlosion bozopokemon

If it’s 1st Ed you’re lucky, I’ve never seen 1 pop up once. It’s so scarce in PSA 10 I had to just say fuck it and get a PSA 9 lol.

It is first edition and PSA 10. But how do i post a picture on here? It doesnt seem to let me post it

That’s a big card…

I downloaded the app ‘tapatalk’ and then just searched for this forum. Uploading photos is then as easy as selecting a photo from your library and putting it in your post.

Looking to see picture of this as well.


Planning to keep it in your collection or possibly selling? I’ve been looking for one and willing to make fair deal for it. :blush:

@nauticads I’m also collecting neo Genesis. Just need slowking and a few easy ones then I’m done. I’ve thought about selling it before but depends on what price it gets. But I’m not sure right now


Ooh boy that’s what I’m talking about! :heart_eyes:

Almost looks like there’s some ink dot near set symbol, correct?

@nauticads it’s a small printing dot. Like error.

Damn, did you grade this yourself? Pricy low pop card :blush: