Best booster/box pulls?

I realize a lot of you own some amazing cards that you spent a lot of time and money on…but what have been your best cards just from opening packs? As I’ve said before I love the thrill of the chase, and the gamble of finding a gem among the cards we aren’t interested in. Tell me about your successful pulls!

As most everyone here knows, I pulled three 1st Ed Charizards which all graded 10s FROM THE SAME BOX lol.


In all my years of opening packs, I have literally never pulled anything spectacular. Never pulled a base charizard or blastoise, never pulled a shining or gold star. Even as a kid, if I EVER pulled a holo, it would be something I could get from a theme deck.

If you were my friend, you were guaranteed to have some amazing pull when we would buy packs together, I was also so jealous.


I’ve been pretty lucky with booster pack pulls. Considering I haven’t opened copious amounts of packs, I think I’ve done pretty well with the random ones I’ve picked up.

Charizard GX from a Walgreens booster.

1st Edition Shining Gyarados from a Neo Revelation booster.

Every Charizard from Evolutions (except the mega full art).

Recently a holo Dark Charizard from a Rocket booster.

Holo Poliwrath from Skyridge (only Skyridge pack I ever opened)

Shadowless Poliwrath.

Base Venusaur.


The priciest packs I’ve ever purchased were expedition packs. I’ve opened 6 packs from two different sellers, from those I pulled a holo Blastoise, a holo Rapidash, a holo Machamp, a holo Vileplume, a reverse holo 40/165 Charizard, a reverse holo Dragonite,and a reverse holo Gengar.
Which is pretty insane tbh, especially since most if not all should get 10’s.


after I came back into the hobby, I bought 13 german 1st edition base set boosters from the US. Then I heard some stories that alot of boosters are tampered and weighed, so I feared that I got scamed.
In the first booster I opened, I had a Blastoise, that I later got graded (PSA 10). That was hands down my best pull ever ^^

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Gold star charizard from a 3 pack blister I opened almost ten years ago. Graded a 10 :grin:


Purchased 3 Loose 1st edition base set packs off ebay in 2013, and from one of them I pulled a the charizard! Which later graded PSA 10 GEM MINT! Hands down best pull!

Over the next few years I then opened up 2 1st edition base set boxes, 1 shadowless, and 3 unlimited boxes (That’s 216 packs!) and didn’t pull a charizard out of any of them.

From 216 packs odds are you should pull roughly 4-5 charizards, but I used up all my luck on those 3 loose packs.

I still remember falling off my chair when I pulled that charizard :blush:


Don’t really buy anything modern but I did once buy a Shining Legends box (3 boosters if I recall) with the Pikachu Promo & pin, pulled a Lab Mewtwo and two Shining cards, totally worth the £10 I put down.


I opened 8 holo gym series Brock’s Rhydon’s in a row… :blush:

Because everyone needs 8 of that card.


When I started collecting again I bought 4 1st edition Team Rocket packs and pulled a secret rare holo Raichu from the first one (the other 3 had nothing but I didn’t even care) :blush:

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So far I have pulled a shining Mewtwo as my best from neo destiny. Thats the best to date…


How many 1st ed. boxes did you open before that happened :wink:

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About 10 years ago I opened a Dragon Frontiers pack from Toys R Us and got a gold star Mew and a reverse holo Typhlosion.


My husband got 1st edition neo destiny / neo revelation packs as a kid and pulled every card you would want. 1st Edition holos of everything. Lugia (x2), Raikou, Pichu, Sloking, Houndoom, Feraligatr. He put them all into his binder after opening and never touched them again, so all 9-10 pack mint. Also 1st edition Rainbow energy (x2) and Metal engery (x1). I can’t even find the Rainbow energy for sale anywhere. He also has loads of the commons and uncommons from the packs all slipped into the same binder, so mint on them. It would cost an insane amount of money to get it all graded. So we let just them hang out as-is.

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A few years back I bought a half opened (about 30 packs) Japanese Base set box, and pulled 2 x Charizard, 2 x Venusaur and 1 x Blastoise. I was quite pleased.


He also gave me one of the Lugia’s since he had two. My advice: Marry a pokemon collector. (((( :blush: ))))


Back to Back Packs
Skyridge Gengar Holo - graded PSA 10
Skyridge Reverse Crystal Crobat - graded PSA 10

Back to Back packs
Unlimted Charizard - graded PSA 9
Base 2000 Charizard - graded PSA 9 (should be a 10…still angry about this) but haven’t attempted a regrade.

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Bought 4 1st Ed. Neo Revelation booster packs (one of each art) and pulled Celebi and Ho-oh holos, two of my favorites from the set. Pulled a Shining Charizard from a single Neo Destiny pack as a kid, still have the empty wrapper! (Noctowl art).

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As a kid I only opened a pack every now and then, and had never opened a box. Three noticeable pulls that I’m still pretty happy about and remember pulling are the Neo Revelations Shining Magikarp, Aquapolis Crystal Kingdra, and ink smudged EX Team Rocket RH Delibrd (my little brother pulled the Shining Gyarados, and Crystal Nidoking at the same time from his packs :blush: And I had always been jealous of his Shining Steelix Triple Star from Neo Destiny).

From recently opened packs/boxes some noticeable pulls were the Full Art Lillie from the Korean Ultra Prism set, or all the Pikachus, Sevipers and Mimikyus I wanted when I purchased the boxes to open (especially the only Secret Rare from the Japanese CP6 set that I wanted and actually pulled, the Pikachu EX).

Oh, and I would almost forget to mention my most recent box opening with one of my best pulls ever…


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