Battle Festa 2017

Went to the event yesterday with Japan Trade International and we got some cards signed. Wasn’t very busy this year, but Saturday was sports day so Sunday might have been busier.

Met some nice people. This one girl had these great custom dice made with Mew. Have to get a picture, maybe tomorrow.


Awesome pics mate!

Have either of you sourced the white logo card variant?

Haha, wow that was quick.

It actually looks worse, just plain white instead of the colors. We found out it was given out at 1 event plus will be given to winners. I didn’t get any, don’t think JTI did either. We did meet a guy with a few.

There is a cool card story, maybe JTI will want to tell about it. Pokesyn might explode if he hears about it though.


We are all very keen to hear a story!


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Yeah. There was two variants printed this year. They both looked the same, but the bottom right logo is different on some. Many are rainbow coloured, but the winners of games I believe received white coloured logos of the battle festa logo bottom right.

Here is some photos from the event.
I actually arrived 1 hour early so that I can line up for a signature. Had to line up for nearly 5 hours to receive one signature per person only… Or your choice of a custom art drawing by the artist on the day. Which was Naoki Saito :blush:
Cool guy to meet. Really nice and friendly, and I put him on the spot and was lucky to get 2 cards signed haha… Even though the guards wanted to stop him lol…
The japanese are really very strict. I wasn’t even allowed to take photos with him…

Anyways, best part of the day was meeting fellow collectors / players / and artists. Extremely difficult to trade and pickup battle festa cards as there is warning announcements in Japanese saying ‘dont trade with anybody you don’t know.’ Also if you trade cash you will be kicked out.

Positive news! We spotted a ‘shining imakuni’ also at the event lol. He doesn’t appear often and is quite rare. ^.^
Shame psa won’t grade his signature yet… Hopefully one day. I think its one of the cooler autographs around. He was really funny to meet, and took a few mins for photos and everything :blush:
He still looks so young… The Japanese have good genes lol.

I actually did a bad thing; and forced him to write a swear word on my mint pikachu anniversary card lol… Any Japanese speakers can understand haha… But it says “Baka!” Which means like stupid fool! Idiot! Or technically 'fu**ING idiot! So yeah. I have a pikachu swearing now in Japanese lol :blush:
Wanted something different rather than a regular name.

Organised some private meets and trades with collectors. There was only a few foreigners there. Very tiring day, unfortunately I missed out on Sunday whom had ‘hiroyuki yamamoto’ ; whom I actually really wanted to meet… But didn’t feel like lining up again 5 hours early in the morning again.

The only other promo cards were from points played / the white variant battle festa card, and for the top 16 solgaleo / lunala, and for the trophy winners.

Here is some photos, sorry I don’t have many.

8 am… When I arrived early. Pretty big hall

Left is me. Right is kanagawacards

Signatures acquired. Not many though.

this is the one with the swear word on it (above)

And (below) was the two cards I waited 5 hours to get signed by Saito. :blush: thanks Saito San! You are a champ. Probably will not sell these ones.

Unikarp tax…

:wink: :open_mouth: :stuck_out_tongue: :blush: :grin: :thumbup:


What is that to the left of Saito?

Was there also some Tabehoudai event at the hall as well?

They wouldn’t let me take a photo… it was a layered card given to artists only apparently.

The guard said that is ‘Naoki Saito san’s card for him only.’ I’m not sure how to describe it, but it was in a small frame, but the card looked 3 dimensional. It was like parts of the card are floating in mid air, and at different levels of elevation, but from the top view it looks like a TCG card. It was some fire type pokemon, to be honest… i didn’t get a good to look closely as i forgot it was there, and was rushing to get the signature / excited to talk and see the artist. haha.

If anybody knows about custom cards given to employee’s or artists, please feel free to share some details. :blush:

Also here is the 2017 battle festa sleeves which sold out in the first couple hours of Saturday. Not sure if there was more Sunday.
But limit was 5 per customer.

Those autographed Pikachus are awesome! Thanks for sharing.

And lol, Imakuni¿ always looks so happy and active. :laughing:



Omg… This was awesome!! Thank you so much for uploading, I am so jealous!!! This is “I’m flying to Japan” worthy!!! Is the event free to enter or do you have to reserve tickets or anything?

It is free to enter.

I forgot to take photos of the tcg area. And pokken tournament area. I think there was a section for nintendo 3ds as well. And a section for mums/parents lol.

But I mainly stayed near some card collectors who were trading cards most of the day. There is some crazy fans who will dress up sometimes.
I met a guy who had an eevee hoodie on; he told me he has 8000+ eeveelution cards… His binders had alot of gold stars and holos, But when I asked him to trade just a couple holos he refused… Lol
Bit of a hoarder lol

I think you have to be friends with the Japanese usually to trade. They do not want money, and are scared of foreigners sometimes.

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Free event.

The next event wont have a Pikachu promo though. It is only given out every second event.

You can probably get 2 signatures/sketches a day. The event close to Tokyo is the only one held for 2 days.

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Wow thanks for the info guys! Would love to go to Japan during one of these for sure!!! I’m gonna be seiing Arita again in a couple of weeks here in Florida so I am excited about that :blush: