Battle e Series

Love this set. Adds extra content to the games.


Agreed! Generation 3 was really cool with all the added e-reader content. Even though only 8 out of the 14 Generation 3 games received their own set of e+ cards, I still love the art across the board. And because sharing is caring, here goes:

Pokémon Battle Card e+ Ruby & Sapphire (108 set cards + 19 promo cards)

Pokémon Battle Card e+ Emerald (83 set cards + 2 promo cards)

Pokémon Battle Card e+ Fire Red & Leaf Green (44 set cards + 6 promo cards)

Pokémon Pinball Ruby & Sapphire Card e+ (5 promo cards)

Pokémon Colosseum Double Battle Card e+ (24 set cards + 2 promo cards)

Pokémon Channel ~Together with Pikachu!~ Card e+ (4 promo cards)


@biggerbluer, great collection, do you have a favourite? I have a few sealed packs but nothing like what @melchior has! Do you

Well my S.S. ticket is in mint condition and was my first card I bought after getting back into the hobby around 7 years ago. However I like how some of the cards have a gold texture on them:

I love being on this site. I’m seeing and learning things daily. Great looking set.

These are amazing, I was wanting to see all the pack art, thank you for sharing! also had no idea about half of these, and the gold accents! really nice collection :grin: