Base set list

**Hey E4!

I just finished compiling my ultimate base set collection list and wanted to get opinions on whether or not it looks complete to you guys or if I need to add something I’m not thinking of.

Thanks in advance for the input!


You’re missing Korean in your Foreign prints.

And perhaps errors/print variations for certain cards only? Like No Stage Blastoise, No Damage Ninetales, Trainer Deck Machamp, etc.?


Hey Quuador!

Thanks for the reply and checking it out - if you look at the bottom there’s several tabs, Pikachu has it’s own as well as the unique errors/trainer decks. Good catch on Korean, I accidentally deleted it on the holos tab!

Ah, hadn’t noticed the multiple tabs. In that case some more missing:

All tabs:
Black back imprinted stamp; White back imprinted stamp.

Tab 2 (Pikachu Base Set):
Pikachu Totodile Intro Pack; French 1st/UED; (and maybe Jumbo-sized Base Pikachu, and Miniature-sized 10th Anniversary Phone Charm promo if you include irregular sized Base Set cards as well).

And a small remark, the Korean 2000 World Pikachu isn’t from a World Championship, it’s called Pikachu World Collection 2000.

Unique Base Set Errors:
Water Energy misaligned Energy symbol; (and maybe, although it’s technically a Jungle Set error, the 1st edition Electrode with the Base Set Electrode image).


Great input! I’m only doing Pikachus with Base set art print - I was under the impressiong Totodile deck had different art, but maybe I didn’t look it up correctly.

The back print stamps I’m hesitant on, display wise it’s just the back of a card but it is something to consider once I get a grip on the majority of the rest. Totally forgot about the water one, thanks!

Do you happen to know if holo bleeds came in all base print runs? Seems like mostly Unlimited, but I have a shadowless holo bleed as well.

Thanks again!

Clefairy Red heart error appears to be missing

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ehh, from what i can tell that’s just some dude with a heart stamp that went a little crazy

Actually, it’s a legit error. I’ve seen multiple copies of them. And you could perhaps also add the Blue Error stamp Vulpix. It’s not too common, but I’ve also seen at least five copies of them.


I’ve read about it before and the consensus seems to be that a US collector would open and reseal packages with their heart stamp and sell them individually to make it seem like a rarity… but maybe I’ll keep my eye out for one since it’s kinda become an honorary one at this point. I haven’t heard of the blue stamp vulpix, do you have an image of one handy? Thanks!

Here are some links with images:


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