Base Set 2 Shadowless

Hi guys,

Found this in a recent binder purchase… obviously a fake but haven’t seen any like this before and thought I would share. I wish WOTC had stuck with the shadowless border.

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I’ve seen them come up on eBay a few times. It makes me wonder why they didn’t just stick a 1st edition stamp on it instead.

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I would guess because it’s counterfeit. Notice the font vs. that of the rest of the WotC sets. Not even close.

I know. I’m just saying they went through all the hassle of making a fake shadowless card so you would think they would add a 1st edition stamp instead of BS2.

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I like the shadowless cards too:)

It would be interesting to see the shadowless template on cards from other expansions (Jungle, Fossil, Rocket).
I like the high saturation and overall eye appeal of shadowless cards as well.

Shadowless Jungle would be awesome.

Looks nice I must say

Definitely looks fake. The fonts are a big give away

Right? I guess we’ll have to settle for No Symbol Jungle :wink:

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