Attention! Do not buy from leadcow!

I just had a headache of a purcahse on ebay that I want to bring to everyone’s attention so they do not have to deal with the same issue.

I purchased a complete players set and was going to sell some of the ones I had doubles of and keep the umbreon and espeon. I received the package today and noticed that there were no umbreon espeon or Fan eevee as pictured. So I go back to the ended auction and the genius altered the text before ending the auction saying they were not included. I purchased privately through paypal and he altered it right before ending it and showed me the link to his original auction with all the cards present. :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

Here is the auction,

what makes this frustrating is that the price was $900 as you can see, and without the umbreon espeon or fan promos the set is maybe $100. So I contacted the seller and he said the best answer to keep this frustrating story going, “sorry no refund”. :angry: :angry:

I am opening a claim on paypal, but just wanted to give you guys a heads up to not buy from this guy.

Good luck with that.

I had been eyeing that for awhile when the bid was $1000, but then it suddenly dropped to $750, and I was going to bid on it, but I read the text before bidding and noticed none of the rare cards were gone.

Yeah apparently he sent me an old auction link where they were there, the price was 900. But I did it privately and he never specified to me that those cards were missing, but hopefully paypal will do justice.

Paypal has never let me down, with several different types of cases, but all of them were through eBay and not private sales. Good luck though!

Thanks! I have never been let down either. I am going to call them in the morning and see if they can just let me know ship them back. I know that is there usual go to move because it solves both sides, so hopefully they will do the standard.

wow the seller is a dick for doing that to you.saw that auction a few times and was like wow it still did not sell.hope you resolve the issue and do let us know what goes on with it.

Only ever had one case which I never even had to bring up - the seller was being watched for being dodgy and I guess eBay/PayPal had enough.

I’m sure that auction had the Eevee in it - I remember thinking thats an interesting auction. It shouldn’t be hard for eBay to pull up the listing before amendments so it sounds likely you’ll get your money back

Yes I hope so! I am on the phone at the moment with paypal, have to wait 15 minutes to talk to an agent, but I will update when I get some good news hopefully!

Ok so it moved to the point where I have to ship it back, but now I have to find a provider that has tracking all the way. I think Fed ex is the option which is in another town but I will go ahead and do that so there will be evidence 100%.

If anyone knows a better form of shipping that gets it there with complete tracking internationally and or a signature confirmation let me know. I know the post office does not, I went there and talked to the workers and have used express before and they just don’t have a sig confirmation or full tracking to brazil.

Hey guys just wanted to update this. I sent the cards back and should get a refund once they show that they arrived. I paid a hefty $85 just to ship the damn things so I better get my money back.

Also just to make things humorous the guy re-listed the cards even though he did not give me a refund.

Why the hell did it cost $85? Ask for that back too!

haha I was frustrated but he paid express shipping here. And I needed to guarantee that it got there.