Another foul ebay transaction

Ok, so I sold a pokemon plush to buyer wendupwen. Ebay member will be going on my ebay block list.

I sold pokemon plush on Dec 27.
Shipped to Canada on Jan 3.
Buyer just opened a dispute directly with paypal, trying to get a full refund.

THEN buyer contacts me, says that have not received item.
Its only been 2 weeks and international mail (especially Canada) often takes a month or even 6 weeks.

Buyer tells me the address was incomplete, missing the Apt #. Tells me this after paypal dispute is filed.
Ebay shows nothing wrong or reported with auction.
I had shipped to registered ebay and paypal address.

So I called paypal and wrote a “report a buyer” to ebay.
Buyer still has incorrect address on ebay and paypal.

I feel this is ridiculous. Buyer should not take a refund, meaning I would lose product and money. It was the buyers fault for putting an incomplete address online. Also, buyer may still get item if they just speak to manager/main office/lobby of apartment place. OR the item may come back to me, then I can resend with correct address.

But yes, this jerk will be going on the ban list (my own on ebay) because of all this.

His mistake for omitting his apartment number from his eBay/Paypal. That’s all you have to explain in the dispute.

He may have just been upset that it wasn’t shipped for 7 days. The items I sold on all my eBay IDs on Dec 27th I shipped on Saturday the 28th cause of the holiday. Doesn’t your country have Saturday delivery?

It was holidays, and I got sick. Crazy week. I state that I usually only ship once a week (friday or sat)in my auctions, and had just gone to the PO on 12/23.

Plus I think they may have paid on Dec 28/29. Auction just ended on dec 27.

Anyways, yes their mistake. So yeah, hopefully I won’t lose double.

personally some ebayers have no sense of patience at all like they expect it to be there within the week even if they are in like canada or other areas.its also the buyers fault if their address is not correct they should have rechecked everything at least a few times to see if everything is right not rush into things and think everything will be there asap.

SDlugia…yes thanks.

Apparently, the plush is on it’s way back to me. The buyer said they want the item, their daughter is anxious and is wondering why she hasn’t gotten the plush yet.

I ignored that (poor parenting). Told them I would be happy to mail again on 3 conditions.

  1. They cancel the refund request on paypal.
  2. If needed, as probably will be, they must pay the postage portion again for the new shipping.
  3. They change their registered ebay + paypal addresses to the complete address SO this does not happen in the future.

Also, SDlugia, I love your avatar. The new Sentai-power rangers series sounds great. I plan to buy the Japanese series DVD boxset, and a few zords and figures. Gotta say the red ‘pirate’ ranger looks the best with the outfit, something about a pirate having a red coat. LOL

YET a NEW Ebay problem. So I won an auction in early Jan. Paid Jan 3. Just got the card today (Feb 11) as I was about to leave negative feedback and get full refund/close unreceived item case. Seller never responded to my email, 4 ebay messages, or case – yet they replied simply “it was sent” when I messaged them about an entirely different item. Card is in described condition. Problem is shipping cost was due, so they apparently used a preprinted label that was incorrect. I had to pay postage cost.

There is no way on ebay to deal with this, besides maybe calling ebay and waiting for an hour to talk with live person, return item for full refund (which I would lose postage double-time).

Any thoughts or suggestion?

Needless to say bloopfish will get a negative feedback, and I won’t be buying from them again.

I see you rec’d it in February. When did they ship it? Was it international? How much was the card?

Paid Jan 3, within the US (east coast to east coast). They did not ship until Feb 6. That and the fact they wouldn’t respond. Add not paying postage (or putting an incorrect postage label made for greeting cards not packages).

Ebay just decided the case in my favor. I was just trying for a postage refund,but I just hope the seller takes this as a lesson.

such bad experiences ,I’ve just ordered some stuff from South Korea, and might be from the US also (I’m in the uk), hopefully I won’t encounter such problems I doubt I will as the one seems pretty quick ordered it yesterday she already marked it dispatched, so that may be good