ArKeus or ArSeus finally confirmed?

the voice actor for Ash just posted on twitter about this in light of The Arceus Chronicals coming to netflix tomorrow.

according to her, it is with a hard C

while i wouldn’t be surprised if it was pronounced with a soft C in japanese, i feel this is pretty hard evidence as to how pokemon believes it should be pronounced.


I’ve always pronounced it this way, but I know that many use the “s” sound to match the Japanese kanji (アルセウス; Aruseusu).

Also every English dub released by Pokemon uses the hard “c” for Arceus.

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“ar-ke-kay-us”? Did people really say it like that?

I thought it was “ar-see-us” haha…

Never forget

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perhaps it is if you’re japanese, or speaking from a japanese perspective

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ah! I see, that makes sense

y’all already know ash uses the hard c

I remember reading somewhere (I think it might have been bulbapedia?) that originally it WAS officially pronounced ar-see-us but they changed it to ar-kee-us because they didn’t want it to sound like you’re saying a rude word (arse)