Are you going to complete a binder set of SV 151?

I’m debating trying to throw together a full binder set, but I keep going back and forth on it. Would be my first complete set and I’m one of those genwunner kind of folks.

Curious to see what others are going to do. Do you think you’ll pick up a few things here and there? Or will you set out to finish the whole set?

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Dood! If you’re going to complete a set, I’d say this is it!

I haven’t completed a set since HGSS, but I’m definitely completing this one. In English tho, not JP. I like JP better, but my wallet doesn’t.

I’m also a gen wunner, and I might leave out a few duplicate mons, though IDK yet. Maybe use full arts instead of normal cards… I’ll decide once cards starts hitting my desk. I have several boxes on order, so we’ll see.


I’m aiming for it but since I’m collecting vintage and there’s quite a few cards, it’ll probably take some time.
It’s a beautiful set and I really enjoyed the art when opening a box from Japan, it’s not often I’m excited for commons.

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I’ve done a full reverse poke holo set with all ARs and SARs, not counting trainers and Full arts.

Just waiting for Mew SAR to arrive and I’ll update my collection thread along with some other random purchases outside of 151.

Do it! Super satisfying :smile:


One of the best modern sets to open, I will only do the Japanese 151, not English. I hate that they got rid of the Master Balls for English, plus they got Booster Boxes, unlike English. Such an exciting set, definitely holding a case for later.

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This is the first set since WOTC that I’m going to complete a full binder set of.


It hits all the right spots for new and old collectors.


Does anyone know when the made to order boxes are expected to ship from tpc japan?

I totally feel you.
The reverse holo patterns are so tempting…
And overall alt arts are the future.
Even though I can’t make my mind either :grimacing:

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I’m skipping all secret rares and building a binder set of regular cards from the set since i really feel those are where the best art of this set is! Don’t mind opening a few full arts and art rares tho and add them after the core set.


i’d say after Vs, 151 is the best set to go for in a binder. its extremely rare to have something that just makes sense from start to finish. you could even skip the trainers if you wanted to just have all 151 within a set. there are plenty of ways to go about it if you’re not rigid about it. plus it has the first partner lines as special arts as a bonus.

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Definitely going to complete it. I almost have the whole thing now. Still debating if I want to get all the Master Ball variants on the Japanese side.

Anyway, I’d say it’s easily my favourite modern set yet and one of the best of the past 20+ years. They managed to blend vintage & modern aesthetics very well I think.


The only binder I have is base/jungle/fossil, but I really want to get one for this. Just don’t know when is the best time to start buying, esp the master balls.

I am planning to collect just the first 151 cards but without the RRs. I will replace those with a regular C/U/R once these species come out later in SV. I like to have a Pokédex with an unified layout similar to 151 from Base/Jungle/Fossil.

I might but want to see how the first month plays out. I’ll definitely be buying singles though

Japanese masterball ghostly trio + Bulbasaur one for sure (+ the rest of starters depending on situation). Will be ignoring english release.
I still need sw/sh sets to finish and preparing for Paradox Rift - the first s/v set that got me interested because it has multiple Gengar cards!


In the end I plan on completing the set. Been a little slow on my binder collection but I will get there eventually.

I would like to, I don’t care for the reverse holo stuff but a full set would look awesome in a binder.

How’s everyone’s binder sets coming along? I opened 90 packs and pulled Charizard SIR, Venusaur SIR, Alakazam SIR, and Erika’s Invitation SIR. Got pretty lucky. Of course also got a handful of full art ex and several illustration rares. Got a pretty big order coming in today to fill in a lot of missing pieces.

Oh and I’m also trying to get 25 of each holo energy for our cube. Think we’re closing in on 90 so far.

sadly i didn’t preorder the ETB so I’m currently waiting on the premium collection. Havent had a chance to see if my local target has any product so at this point I have opened 0 packs :confused: