Aqua vs Magma: Double Crisis all cards Revealed

So… Check pokebeach for the scans.

I figured, 16 hours ago (scans were posted 15 hours ago), that I should buy a couple boxes. I thought we’d get some sweet EX cards, new Megas and maybe some other FA and Secret cards. Turns out, there are two crazy looking FAsand some holos, nothing more!? Or am I missing something?

I’m not impressed. Feel like I have to buy XY6, 'cause that should get me some EX, Mega, FA and Secrets… Just to make up for this buy.

anyway, thoughts on this set?

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@aj1 I feel the same way. At least with Shiny/Radiant Collection there were a good amount of EX and Full Arts, and this is basically the spiritual successor to that and EX Team Magma vs. Team Aqua. That being said, it is just a mini-set, so expectations shouldn’t be too high. The full arts are pretty cool, and hopefully won’t be too expensive.

I have a feeling XY6 will be a set for the ages. Basically only because of the brand new Rayquaza EX full art and M Rayquaza EX full art. Hoping for some sort of Deoxys integration with XY6. I have 4 boxes on pre-order (not many, but the most I’ve ever ordered for a single non-split Japanese set). I’m praying we don’t get another Wild Blaze, with M Rayquaza and then something exceedingly dumb like M Audino EX. Hoping for either Beedrill or Gallade for the non-premier mega.

I was hoping for at least two EXs so I know what you’re talking about guys. Same as you @aj1 - I thought I need to buy couple boxes but now I’m good with one box + 3 deck case thingies, maybe I’ll order one more box later but we’ll see… I’m curious how rare these full arts will be, what do you guys think? As I remember there’s holo in each pack - there’re six holos total in this set + two full arts… I’m really curious if there’ll be possibility to pull both full arts from one box as they aren’t secret rares.

I feel the same. Ordered 4 boxes too, ugh. I guess I’ll just welcome a box or two into my sealed collection.

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I’m rather Upset with the set. For only 2 Ultra Rares I ordered 4 boxes. Kinda a waste. The Kyogre + Groudon do look great though. I would guess that they will probably be one of each in a box. As for prices I’m guessing around $15-$20 per Full-Art…

Is this correct one:

or are these going to be released in english?

That’s correct in Japanese. They are going to be released in a blister like release like Dragon Vault in English in March.

I still think it is a great set. The FAs are cool looking!

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pokevault got both RR holos in one box.


Yeah! Mine order was shipped today, hopefully i’ll get it within a week

So this is like the Shiny Collection where the pull rates are ramped up.


@milhouse what do you mean?

Also I can’t wait for my order! It was shipped today!

Shiny Collection Japanese Boxes had increased Pull Rates for the RR/SR/UR cards if I remember correctly.

Thanks for sharing

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SC was amazing, it had more FAs and one regular EX, plus all crazy holo patterns and a pikachu. I hoped this set would be somewhat similar. But this is more like two decks that they made into a mini set.

sharded fa… Was not waiting for a card like that. Hopefully they will do a light or dark set for the Rayquaza set…

Ordered my box today, cannot wait for it to arrive :grin:

I see. I mean this set does have one holo in every pack!

I wish there was a card that was so rare in this set that it only came in 1/10 boxes. So you have something more special. Why aren’t there any secret cards?

This. Even something like a holo Jirachi, similar to the one in the original TM/TA set would be nice.
At least the full arts are gorgeous. Dat Shelly…

It’s looking like the standard will be 1 of each FA per box.