Aphotic Small Sales - Have Shadowless Theme Decks

Hey all just putting up some cards for sale.

Some Rules,

  1. I accept any form of payment though Paypal is prefered
  2. Shipping is not included in the pricing nor are Paypal fees
  3. I will ship to anywhere in the world, but you’ll be paying for the shipping
  4. Tracking is a must.
  5. All cards are NM - M unless otherwise specified

Onto the sale items.

1x Pokepark Blue - 50
1x Pokepark Green - 80

Hanada City Gym Theme Deck Japanese - $20
Nivi City Gym Theme Deck Japanese - $20

Shadowless Overgrowth Theme Deck - $60 OBO
Shadowless Blackout Theme Deck - $60 OBO
Shadowless Brushfire Theme Deck - $60 OBO
Shadowless Starter Deck with Shadowless 1st Edition Machamp - $70 OBO

Team Rockets Devastation Theme Deck - $11
Team Rockets Trouble Theme Deck - $11

Masaki Alakazam Back edge whitening - $30

That’s all for now, I’ll add more later.

Interesting prices… the Pokepark binders are really high but everything else is very reasonable. Am I to assume the 10th movie set is free as it has no price? :stuck_out_tongue:

Woops haha I forgot to put in a price. Yeah I’m not 100% sure on how to price the folders so I guess I’m looking for offers on them ><

Hi is the Nivi City gym deck sealed?

Yup decks are all sealed!

Okay I am interested in the Nivi City Deck and Pokepark green folder, however I am not sure when I will have money to buy them. I will let you know when I have some money though. Thanks!

Updated and lower prices

Added some shadowless theme decks.

Which ones are Hanada and Nivi again?

Misty and brock!

I need Brock but $20 is a lot when I see them on Y!J for less than $10. I think I’ll hold out there until I see another one

No problem good luck with that. :blush: